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New London, NH [Christian Rock, Christian, Folk Rock]

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Forgive and Live Cover
  1. This Time
  2. Dying To LIve
  3. Free My Angel
  4. Living Water
  5. Moving Up
  6. My Own Way Home
  7. Souls In The Air
Proverbs 3:5
About Me:
The vision2b music ministry was established by the artist named Jeffrey Blake. He is a stone mason that is not only meticulous in his work but his music. Jeff began to have visions and made a covenant with God to unify churches, sing a new song and help children. He recently finished a CD entitled, “ Free My Angel”, which is available now and soon to be released on i-tunes for downloading.

The monies collected for the sales of this music will be donated to the Vision2b foundation which was created to help children that are either currently needing adoption or in foster care placements. The goal of this foundation is to create a safe environment for children between the ages of 0-18 to explore spirituality, develop a relationship with God, and be emotionally supported through all their endeavors. The foundation will not only utilize proceeds from the sale of his music but elicit funds from other grantors and the public to ensure these children have an opportunity for a good life.

The second goal of Jeffrey is to unify churches and he envisions churches giving back to the people and being a stronger voice in the community. These voices can help change the current attitudes of people and have us return to a time where there was a sense of community, neighbors helping neighbors and the church being a solid stable force.

Contact Ilene Wheeler-Manager for booking and foundation Info.
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Chilly Carvalho
{ 07-13-2011 04:17 }
Hi i am glad to hear pure talent and you have that talen nice music hi5 from me
daniel albury/7beatstreet/HeAdPhOnE Rock!!
great song and sound , i'm a rocker ,also. i do Christian rock! verY CATCHY VOCAL AND GREAT SONG INSTRUMENTALY , I'V A WIDE RANGe of sounds , hope to explore more of yours , gave you a five of course!! dan
Bernie Mckenzie
{ 09-06-2009 08:16 }
Hey welcome to Showcase Your Music Great tunes 5's for that.let me know when you post some more tunes,meanwhile stop over to my showcase have a listen let me know what you think...Bernie
{ 08-22-2009 17:02 }
great job.5 from me
Charles Kohlberg
{ 08-14-2009 11:16 }
Your music is among the best I've heard here. I admire all the layers of vocals, and the passion of the lead vocalist in particular, but I think you have it nailed in every other sense as well. Best wishes.