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joe corrt project

tonawanda, NY [Pop, Country, Easy Listening]

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joe corrt project
Joseph Sebastian Cortelli, is a seasoned songwriter. From the the '70s 'In the night', which was a success for Tony Mele; to recent recordings such as, "If I wanted to know' and 'Hearts that won't hold love' songwriting is Joe's love and best foot forward.
Joe uses the 'joe corrt project' umbrella to include all artists that help bring his compositions to life.
Joe is a member of ASCAP and publishes through Cortelli Music Publishing.

Online: [link=""
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{ 09-08-2015 17:43 }
5 all the way
{ 09-08-2015 17:42 }
well done!!!!
joe corrt project
{ 07-16-2015 15:26 }
Charles, thank you for kind remark about my composition. It's always nice to know that someone has listened.
Charles L. Robinson II
{ 06-22-2015 21:58 }
I like In The Night.