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Smile Case

Welland [Alt. Rock, Americana, Folk Rock]

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photo by J Grenier
THE SMILE CASE - a biography of sorts

I'll keep it short and simple and let the music do the talking. For the sake of tradition I need to have one of these bad boys though, so I'll make it as interesting as possible. I guess my love for music starting watching my father jam out Tom Petty songs to my brother jamming out Nirvana songs. I didn't really pick it up until Grade 10. By that point in time I was writing songs left and right and from 2003 until now I have a nice collection of 200 plus recordings. I guess here are the ten main points about me.

1) I'm left handed but play guitar right handed

2) I'm a Leo

3) I like long walks on the beach

4) I have a crush on your sister

5) I think Robert Blake is innocent

6) I think OJ is guilty

7) I'm tone deaf but still manage to write hooks like Bea Arthur's good looks

8) I coined the term "Abba-to-Zappa" when explaining what kind of music I listen to

9) I own a record label and put out albums by really cool bands

10) I like pickles on my pizza

So there you have it folks. Not much left except the music

Yours truly,

Ben Andress
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Joey Lindly
{ 09-24-2009 03:21 }
You are fun, funny and have talent! You go bro~ Aloha, Joey
{ 08-22-2009 16:59 }
nice work dude.5 from me
Stephen Michael Minnick (Vietnam War Hero)
V-5 For Your Wonderful Works! Welcome!