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Skanks The Rap Martyr

Brooklyn, NY [HipHop, Rap, Underground]

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  1. Skanks Feat El Gee - In My Mind (prod Kyo Itachi)
  2. Boy Need Time
  3. King Of The Streets
  4. Off Beat
Based in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, La Cosa Nostrand (L.C.N.) is not just a rap group it’s a movement which consists of emcees, DJ’s, producers,singers, actors, engineers, athletes and more. In 1999, Skanks and Elgee formed L.C.N. Initially, they were working in and out of studios from the City to Brooklyn, perfecting their craft. At the time, they were working with a producer named Self, who produced a couple of joints on Skanks and Eglee’s, “Illmixture” (Would U Cry” and “The Illmixture”). The two emcees were going half and half on studie time costing from $200 - $300 a weekend. Not to mention Elgee had a new responsiblilty, his son. So the duo decided to bring the studio back to the Basement, just like Skanks and his big brother, Goldie Da Mayor used to do when SKANKS was 11 and rapping under the name PROBLEM CHILD during wich time he was managed by the legendary MC LYTE and LIN-Q formerly ISIS of X-CLAN fame,but SKANKS was a real PROBLEM CHILD having been arrested several times to even being shot in the head when he was only 15 years old.After some convincing from his old friend..s JAQUAN & ELO SKANKS stepped back in the booth with his boy ELGEE to record the classic ILLMIXTURE and CROWN HEIGHTS last hood vol 1 hosted by STAR (when he was on hot 97) with his new L.C.N crew(Pies,Hazdiggz,Phenomoron and others),then later that year SKANKS recorded some tracks for an upcoming album for STAR and BUCKWILD wich was supposed to come out on DEFJAM but for some reason did not. SKANKS was also on regular rotation on the MORNING SHOW on hot 97 till STAR and BUCK got fired Thanks to the return of Goldie, the studio was hooked up within a couple of months. It had been shut down since ’97 after Skanks got five years probation for a loaded firearm. Skanks’ family was feeling shame given that this occurred after the death of his grandmother, the late Olive Daily and shut the basement down. It took some convincing but the family finally saw that Skanks and Elgee were determined. By 2000 the studio was back to normal only with a bigger board and better equipment. By 2001, L.C.N. started to ring bells on the streets. Entertainers like Foxy Brown, Spragga, Talib Kweli, Mos Def and Queen Pen, to name a few, have been sited at the Basement, where the studio is. “This house is a landmark”, says Skanks. “One day some guys were standing in the yard looking all over. I thought they were the Feds but I wasn’t dirty or nothing, so I asked them, who you looking for? They said they were with a movie company and wanted to talk to the owner of the building. Two weeks later Samuel Jackson, Busta Rhymes and Vanessa Williams is filming in my yard. They shot many scenes for the movie, Shaft right on my block, Park Place and Nostrand Avenue and provided the whole hood with free refreshments not to mention some other $tuff.” One day, a friend of Skanks, named Freddie B called him and said, “Klark Kent wants to see you.” Skanks and Klark go way back to when Skanks was twelve. Later that day, they went to see Klark at the Hit Factory while he was in a session with 50 Cent and Ali Vegas. Klark was eager to hear how an older Problem Child (Skanks old name) would sound over some beats he claimed he had made for Jay-Z’s upcoming album at the time. Skanks immediately started attacking each track with some hard sh*t after three verses, 50 had no choice but to jump in. Both kept going verse for verse when after about two rounds, 50 stopped and said, “I don’t battle. I’ll tear a nigga up with the pen” and went back to writing his rhyme for his project with Ali Vegas. Before leaving he gave Skanks a pound and said, “Yo, you nice son.” If that’s not enough to be confident about, Skanks and Elgee’s man Quizzy took them to the studio to meet Busta Rhymes when Busta met the Duo first words were, “La Cosa Nostrand, I am a fan of your penmanship.”the next step is the FUTURE look out for SKANKS new ALBUM coming this summer but for now settle with the mix cd BACK from the FUTURE the return of the RAP MARTYR vol 1.and lcn tv coming to bcat this spring plus the new back from the future dvd also this spring
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GMPC ENT. (M.I.C. Money In Charge)
{ 03-25-2009 02:08 }
yo what it do i wanted to know whats good with some collabs holla at ya boy
GMPC ENT. (M.I.C. Money In Charge)
{ 07-29-2008 18:35 }
Whats good my dudes NY stand up ya dig much love and respect im feeling the music we need to collab in the future GET MONEY ENT that song was deep the 1 with the video imma be going back to Iraq soon so i take that to heart for real holla at ya boy
{ 07-29-2008 01:57 }
its a positive vibration over here. 5! stay true and keep doing excellent music.
DJ Wheelz
DJ Wheelz says:
{ 07-23-2008 16:04 }
Yo fam, sounds very dope. 5 all day here. Peace!
STEVEN J (ChicaGo)
{ 07-14-2008 20:50 }
comin through to show mad respect, your musik holds no boundariez, got our full S U P P O R T, 5, h i tbak
Tha Prodigy
{ 07-10-2008 10:29 }
5 all day cum holla at me
negus roots
{ 07-10-2008 01:41 }
DJ Stereo (Music Producer/DJ)
{ 07-09-2008 15:32 }
Hey, what’s up you all sound great! I wish I could give ya’ll a 10, but SYM won’t let me so take this high (5)! Come check my production skills out as well,we can collab too,or spit over my tracks let me know so we can get this thang crakin’…………PEACE
rylrymz says:
{ 07-09-2008 09:43 }
Wonderful stuff man and i gat so so so much respect for what you have done so far. I want you to hook me up with some shows man if thats cool with you. Peace RYLRYMZ.
Tash says:
{ 07-09-2008 02:34 }
Your Music Is dope keep doing your thing thanks for the love tash Mz.IM'A DO ME New Music Coming Soon! 55555555555555555555
A-1 Certified
{ 07-08-2008 20:41 }
Welcome 2 Showcase. Great & Unique Style U Have!!! Vote #2 Is A 5 From Me, Check Us Out If Ya Get The Chance.
Kemar British aka Dureck
{ 07-08-2008 17:44 }
Bless up love the sound keep up the good sound, five all day long. Come check out my showcase and vote let me know what you think.