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Camp Boss Thugz

Chicago, IL [Electronica, HipHop, R&B]

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Megan Rochell
Entouch song written, produced and performance by Spud pseudonym Harbor Gateway assignment source of content Black Nation Records Detroit Techno ASCAP Member and The Society Of Composers And Lyricsts Beverly Hills Boss ThugzMelrose Lingerie Show
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K-SWORD says:
{ 08-17-2014 14:42 }
Nice tracks hit u wit 5.
DJ Stereo (Music Producer/DJ)
{ 08-13-2014 14:16 }
Nice tracks dude! I am currently looking for lyricists for the "Ghetto Anthems"3:Still Ghetto mixtape. Let me know if you and your crew is interested. Email me -
dj tm
dj tm says:
{ 08-11-2014 07:36 }
wow girl these songs are good...please can we do a mix-tape this is my