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Vista, CA [Easy Listening, Soundtrack, Classic Rock]

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Environmental Awareness
10 years of classical piano training during my upbringing in a small Iowa farming community. Performed many church, school and club recitals.
High School and college band. Wrote my first song in High School.
Designed, built and operated 3 recording studios during the 70s and 80s in North County, San Diego.
Worked 30 years has a technician at the National Fusion Facility in San Diego.
\\\\\\\"Haven World\\\\\\\" and \\\\\\\"I Love You Forever\\\\\\\" recorded on analog tape in the 80s.
My music since then has been composed, arranged, performed and recorded via MIDI and a 16 track 24bit desktop work station in my home.
Star Makers is a fusion energy promotion, and is dedicated to the people of the National Fusion Facility in San Diego.
CREDITS* vocals:J. Carslake, Britten Suazo, Lon Hannah; sax:Nate Soule; guitar:Jake Foster, Kevin Coyle. Haven World co-written with Claudia Rae, composition assist:JF Coley, piano:JF Coley, drums:Gary Johnson, guitar:not sure...but thanks. A Brand New Day co-written with R. Coppini.
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{ 01-19-2014 17:24 }
It\'s an HO model of a 1950s City of LA streamliner
{ 01-19-2014 04:56 }
is your train a train i dont now...but your free waltz is amasing realy great from me 5
Marshall Anderson
{ 11-02-2012 19:38 }
very easy to listen to. Great vocal. 5 from me.