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Ronnie Beahan Songwriter BMI Nashville

NASHVILLE, TN [Country, Country Rock, Americana]

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Ronnie Beahan
Your JOB may depend on it.
At this time I am interested in working with a Publishing Co. with a small creative team with a common sence approach.

My songs will make you Laugh,Cry,Think and Drink.

Ronnie James Beahan, aka. Ronnie James
BMI Songwriter/Singer/Musician and I love to work in my Home Studio.
I was born Oct,16th. in Florence Alabama across the river from Muscle Shoals Alabama.
I have worked with record producer Jimmy R. Johnson one of (THE SWAMPERS).
Jimmy took me under his wing and showed me the ropes of working in a recording studio.
Jimmy Johnson is one of the nicest guys in the Music Business I have ever met. A hell of a Music Producer.
His dad Ray and his mother Hazel Johnson were the kindest people I have ever met.
I know now why the band members of SKYNYRD called them, MA and PA Johnson.

After years of being frontman/lead singer for the "PRIVATE STOCK" band in Laurens Co. S.C., the band broke up and went in different directions. After years of trying to keep band members together and playing in Smokey Honky Tonks I just got burned out and wanted to focus on my songwriting.
I had always heard about Nashville, and what I was hearing on the Radio I said, I can do that...So here I am.

After moving to Nashville I have met some GREAT songwriters in the music business. I love to hear the story behind the song from the writers.
I really love to perform and share my songs on writer's nights around town. And I love for people to ask ME,
"How did you come up with that song?"

I was blessed to have worked with the Country Music Legend, Vern Gosdin (THE VOICE).
My family and I were very blessed to know "The Man" behind the voice.
We were friends the last 9 years of his life.
We joked, laughed, broke bread, recorded demos in my little home studio. We had some GREAT times together.
What stories Vern has told me about his life, his loves, and the Music Bizz. Lots of stuff about him and George...LOL. We ALL love and miss you V.G..."PAL"
note; To see some cool pics. of Vern, click on my facebook.

My LOVE for writing comes from my Dad's Hank Williams, Ernest Tubbs, Tom T. Hall, Stonewall Jackson and many more Classic Country Albums I listened to growing up. I also listened to my older brother's and sister's albums of that MUSCLE SHOALS SOUND soul music. Then as I got in my teens I was listening to Southern Rock Bands and let's not forget Jimmy Buffett songs. A lot of the music I was raised on was singer/songwriter ARTISTS from Alabama like HANK WILLIAMS to JIMMY BUFFETT and alot of in between...and I think that's how I got my style of writing.
Alot of GREAT writers have come out of Alabama. Just ask Nashville.
I call it that "MUSIC TRIANGLE" Muscle Shoals, Nashville, and Memphis.

Being a songwriter, you only have one page and about 4 min. to tell a story.
The only thing that I'm afraid of in this trade is a blank sheet of paper.
I hope you enjoy all the HIT SONGS I've written that MUSIC ROW doesn't know about YET...LOL
O.K. sounds like that EGO stuff is going around Nashville.
And as Ole Waylon once said, "You can change a word or two and I'll give HALF of it to you."...LOL
Publishing is open.
I'm the ONLY writer you have to deal with.
Thanks for bending an EAR.
Godbless, Ronnie

For information on cutting one of my songs or permission for Copyright use,
or a complete catalog of my songs you can contact me at;

Please feel free to give me your input on what song you think is the best,
and what ARTIST you think could make a HIT of it.
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Natahlie says:
{ 08-31-2014 15:59 }
Fun vocals and music. Great and original. Take care.
Weiner and the Swinging Nuts
{ 08-27-2013 04:13 }
Love it!!Classic country!!5+
Gerard Hollier
{ 01-08-2013 20:13 }
Serious country ! You got me seeing 5 stars . Your tequila is getting to me though ! Let me count again. One......, twooooo, freeeee, where was I? Help me out !
{ 12-10-2012 06:53 }
Hi Ronnie, I love HIGH HEELS - DANGEROUS CURVES!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to be in Nashville, this is my ultimate goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5555555
Oldies but Goldies
{ 10-24-2012 14:31 }
Great sound. This is country! Full 5 from me. Oldie
Shawnee Grove
{ 09-11-2012 00:26 }
Ronnie, love your clear voice! You will sell one soon I think.
Ronnie Beahan  Songwriter BMI Nashville
{ 08-12-2012 18:17 }
A Big THANK\'S to everyone that bent an EAR to the songs I wrote..Got summm NEW SONGS on the way. GodBless
Kicking Saturday
{ 06-26-2012 09:28 }
hi 5 love all ya songs kicking higher than 100 stars.
Matt Ray
Matt Ray says:
{ 05-28-2012 16:35 }
Really like your "Time for a Drankin' Song". Yes, "I need a shot of old Hank". Check out my "If You Like Dance Halls"
Ron Simons
{ 04-15-2012 14:56 }
Hey guy ! Sounds great !! Great writing ! Great singing ! I've been writing a few years, had a few recorded. Unlike me, you have a nice modern sound ! Good luck !! Big 5 for ya !!!!
UgolyE says:
{ 03-30-2012 14:45 }
Very Nice..
{ 03-27-2012 21:44 }
One Shot Away is freakin awesome! You are an excellent songwriter. I hope one day to actually WRITE like you! High 5 spreading the genre love...atlanta, ga.
ali leyton
{ 02-16-2012 05:36 }
really love your work, great songs, nice delivery, wish you every success in what you're doing!
Nance Jayne/Njal
{ 02-04-2012 02:14 }
Excellent Showcase 5 ( :
Richard Murray
{ 01-31-2012 20:56 }
Great recordings and tunes. Good luck friend!! 5 to you!!!
Trevor James
{ 01-27-2012 02:04 }
excellent showcase - wishing you all the success in the future - 5 all day long from me.
Darren Rhodes
{ 01-26-2012 13:51 }
Ronny, yes it is a small World. FaceBook has me blocked for 30 days from sending friend requests. I am enjoying listening to your music. Check me out on ReverbNation.