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Roman Picco

Thunder Bay [Rock, World, Easy Listening]

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Back in the Days of WANTED
  1. Adelina - Music by me lyrics by Richard Hepditch
  2. Believe in Me - written by Les Birta performed and arranged by me lyrics by Richard Hepditch - this song is by no means finished a work in progress.
  3. Check Out The Nightlife (live recording by Wanted my band in 2003 co-written by Chris Tate & Roman Picco)
  4. Climbing The Mountain - by Roman Picco & Bart Santorelli - A song about a war vet returning back home and reflecting on things.
  5. Day Trader (written and performed by Roman Picco)
  6. Dont Even Have To Try - lyrics by Richard Hepditch music and vocal by me - by no means finished
  7. Dream A While - Another collaboration between Richard Hepditch and I - everyone can relate to this.
  8. Drinks are on The House (written & sung by Rick Rock) - this is a collaboration done totally via the www - listen to the final version of this song with a smoking organ solo on
  9. Normal Girl - Collaboration bet Richard Hepditch and me minimal tracks another work in progress.
  10. One Man (written by Roman Picco & Chris Tate sung by Al Langlade
  11. The Forgotten One (written & performed by Roman Picco)
  12. Time Machine (recorded live in studio by my band Wanted in 2003 written by Chris Tate produced by Roman Picco)
  13. Too Much Booze - written by Roman Picco - sung by Al Langlade
  14. Trash Talk - A gratuitous song collaboration between Bart & I. Not to much time was put into this LOL it was just a fun song to sing and play.
  15. Trash TV (written and performed by Roman Picco)
  16. True Romance - sung by Roman Picco & Al Langlade - lead guitar Kelly Ashe
  17. Utopian Dream (written and performed by Roman Picco)
  18. What Kinda Love Is This - Collaboration between Richard Hepditch and I - Song is about an older guy dating a young girl.
I was raised in Windsor Ontario Canada played in rock bands at an early age in just about every bar and venue at that time, heck I wasn't even legal drinking age but never had a problem getting in bars as an entertainer. The seventies music scene was fertile grounds for me to develop my musical diversity. I've started playing in bands while still in high-school in the mid seventies and had the pleasure of playing with some very amazing people in the big leagues who ultimately settled down in the Windsor area and influenced me greatly. In a short span of time I played in numerous Windsor bands After packing local bars and covering most of southern Ontario and Michigan with reasonable success. I finally got a chance to record a full length album with a local Windsor band "JC & the News". We dominated the local club scene for just almost 2 years but despite our momentum and great local fan base our professional careers were in slow motion. Although our album worth of material showed great diversity and promise according to A&M record exec's still we lacked an identifiable sound and in '79-'81 rock'n roll was still a tough sell as disco had dominated the market some 5-6 years prior so somehow we slipped through the cracks. Had we only been patient and waited. Who knew that Rock was going to make a big comeback in the 80's. We had made a considerable recording investment. Delays, broken promises and our failure to get signed with any respectable record label eventually led to internal bickering and our eventual demise. After dis-banding I gave up on a music career, disillusioned with all of that show biz B.S. Being that I was scholastically driven and always under lots of pressure from my parents to find a more secure way of earning a living, I decided to go back to school. Having already earned an electronics college diploma I now decided a university degree in computer science would well prepare me for the emerging job market which eventually landed me a job with Ma Bell in Thunder Bay. In 1997 thanks to the urging of a friend after not even touching a musical instrument for over 16 years I came out of my self induced musical hibernation bought some gear and re-kindled my love of music. I don't think no matter how ugly the music industry gets that I'll ever quit music again it's just too good for the soul. See my previous work follow these links:
[link="http://www. "] BonJourney
[link="http://www. "] BonJourney

Also see my collaborations with "Rick Rock" on SYM
See who has played with who in the Tbay Music Scene:
[link="http:// "] Thunderbay Band Wiki
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{ 08-12-2012 04:43 }
Hello Romanl!!!! With pleasure I listen to your music!!! +5 Thanks!!! Store you God!!!! Alexander.
Kevin K. Gagnon
{ 09-18-2009 21:35 }
Still stoppin' by for a listen now and then! Keep rockin'!!
{ 05-18-2009 17:02 }
Liked! Very good Rock. Beautiful improvisations. Living sounding. Good musicians! 5
Rick Rock
Rick Rock says:
{ 01-14-2009 23:46 }
Roman, oh my god are you SMOKIN' especially on the first song here....WOW...i'm sending this to everyone! WOW.
Ron Ouellette
{ 12-07-2007 17:27 }
some amazing musicians have come out of Windsor your sound is proof of it.{5}
Justus Prevails
{ 06-20-2007 03:14 }
You guys are having fun... am I right? Rock on rockers... you are on fire!
{ 06-14-2007 02:40 }
picco man youre smoking! ..itai and windsor to boot,I've family in amhersrtburgh!.. everything, a touch of steely dan and a whole lot of "picco" a 5 for sure , ciao, joe
{ 06-02-2007 08:37 }
excellent ...keep making the are to talented to put the keys away again....high you a 5
Rik Priem / Rik Priem
{ 05-22-2007 21:13 }
hi,roman picco,you are doing a great job as well,thanks for your comment,you make specials songs to and i like it also,i give you a 5, and check out my new song and video update i'f you like,thanks and keep on rockin' mrcool
Stella Milano
{ 05-17-2007 15:40 }
hello, great sound...give you 5 from miami
The Records Featuring John Wicks
{ 05-15-2007 02:07 }
Hi Roman! Thanks for the support through the years, it's been a blast. Of all the strange things, we had a Teenarama disco mix version that clubs played. Here's to continued success with your band and do stay in touch. Regards, JW
dfghdfgh says:
{ 05-14-2007 22:46 }
oh yeah mate i gave u top marks cos you guys ROCK
13Wyde says:
{ 05-14-2007 22:26 }
good music,,,awesome sound!!
dfghdfgh says:
{ 05-14-2007 20:57 }
hey buddy many thanks for your nice comment and support bro...i appreciate it alot..i see you got some serious rock going on here and i love sound a little c=similar to van halen vocally awesome!!!
Pytaro says:
{ 05-14-2007 07:38 }
I like your voice, very much like Deep Purple I grew up with that kind of music and I will go to see your band live if you come to MTL. I give you a 5, come and listen to my music.
Wolfgang Productions
{ 05-14-2007 06:16 }
Hey thanx for your comments,Just to let you know,I Cant sing a note worth diddly,What I do though,Is produce music for Vocalist and compose soundtracks.I would love to have more of my music with vocalist,but finding people to sing on them is not so easy.
Cplus says:
{ 05-14-2007 02:20 }
Hey Picco, man you have some really good tunes...I would love to see you guys live, I can feel the high energy your music have, very nice work. please stay in touch....Cplus
purple taster
{ 05-13-2007 05:02 }
Roman picco Truly inspiring bio and pics – glad you didn’t lose the music all those years ago. Love the construction and sentiments of Too Much Booze and Time Machine, and Utopian Dream is wonderful. Keep this wonderful stuff appearing.
DANNA says:
{ 05-13-2007 02:57 }
Rick Rock
Rick Rock says:
{ 05-12-2007 01:22 }
Roman, what a fabulous piece "Utopian Dream" I remember it from years ago when you piecing the song arrangements together, alot of it runs thru your veins! Excellent, world class!
Southern Girl!
{ 05-11-2007 22:52 }
How cool is that!
Rick Rock
Rick Rock says:
{ 05-11-2007 20:57 }
Kevin K. Gagnon
{ 05-11-2007 15:58 }
Great stuff, Roman! Nice to see another Windsorite kickin' out the jams! Gave u 5 - check me out and see if you remember who I am!!!!
Cross Road
{ 05-11-2007 15:54 }
Very Very Very Nice!!!! I almost remembered the seventies but I forgot. Nice work. Nice feel. Silky smooth. 54U Cross Road
LUKas says:
{ 05-11-2007 14:29 }
U are good , I like it ... May your dreams come true !