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Roger Knott-Fayle

Nottingham [Pop-Rock, Alt. Rock, Easy Listening]

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THANK YOU for visiting this page.

In the house I grew up in we had a piano and I used to mess around on it, and after a while I managed to make up a few songs.

When I was 16 I bought a drum kit, it cost 100 quid, and it took me a year to pay for it - It was a long time ago.

I was a drummer in a few bands around Gloucestershire and Warwickshire in the mid 70's. I also used to play a piano and guitar in floating bar in the Gloucester docks. It was all my own work - not covers.

I did a course in Art and Drama at Stratford on Avon, and later on I did a degree in "creative arts".

I work as a video and film camera operator, and also lecture in a variety of different universities, colleges and institutions.

I'm always messing about with my piano, and computer. All the recordings here are done at home on my iMac.

My main focus is on trying to create songs with interesting words. I hope that the tunes are interesting too.

I like all sorts of music, and I hate rhubarb and brussel sprouts.

By the way you can find out more and download a podcast from my site :

Love and stuff

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Kicking Saturday
{ 05-01-2012 14:47 }
wow clean the best to my ears so far today
Bruce Dennill: Memo, Phringe, Barking Moose
great tunes - like "stupid feet", particularly. also like the atmospheric production vibe.
Flock of Nerds
{ 12-07-2010 15:02 }
vote#59=5 and this is my reason: you got a great showcase, fantastic tracks and definitely repeat playability! -Flock of Nerds; cya around
Keith Wallace
{ 09-28-2010 11:25 }
very nice original tunes and unique will do well, but you should eat your brussel sprouts, they are good for you...solid 5 from Canada
Dash Too
Dash Too says:
{ 08-01-2010 22:48 }
Great music Nifty catchy Riffs,easy to listen to, leaving 5 v 58 :
olly joseph
{ 07-13-2010 12:17 }
hi there Roger.I'm liking your musical style and integrity.Great original voice.'Stupid feet' and 'on my way' are my favourites.easy 5 from me.olly
Liesa Clark
{ 07-13-2010 10:02 }
'Stupid feet' is so different & catchy, I really like it. You have a very interesting captivating sound. :)
Charlie Leonard
{ 07-12-2010 08:18 }
Hey there! All top songs. 'On My Way' and 'Love Is Life' real good. You got you're own sound man. Here's a 5 rating for you. You got a New Zealand connection too huh! Good onya mate, as they say down here.
Crazzzy Kurt
{ 03-09-2010 23:06 }
hey .. thanks for your words .. .. great stuff in here and ...what a voice .. peace and all the best .. Kurt .. 5555 ... SKOL
Delete says:
{ 02-23-2010 17:33 }
Roger, Great voice no voice correction software required for you ! I particularly enjoyed your lyrics and excellent productions. Now here is a guy with the X factor ,well done. 55555s
{ 02-18-2010 05:48 }
Your tunes are very interesting and suplemented by your voice... Your stuff is something what shouldn´t be missed in any real music catalogue. 555 from us. A&P.
SKEI says:
{ 11-24-2008 15:36 }
Thank you very much for visiting! You have a wonderful voice which deserves my vote! 5! All the very best to you!
Kristen Young
{ 09-26-2008 21:04 }
I like this..ALOT. Its very unique, simple and powerful. Great voice and style.
Mark Hvilsted
{ 09-25-2008 03:32 }
a 5 for you Roger, Great tunes ..keep up the good work. Mark
{ 09-14-2008 19:05 }
Cheers for that. I really like you voice quite Depeche Mode sounding. You can certainly compose songs and respectfully with a bit more pro production it would sound magic. Top marks from me 5 Regards Brooksy
DSS Music
DSS Music says:
{ 09-13-2008 04:51 }
You have our vote of 5 for your original sound. Particularly like 'Stupid Feet' and we wish you success with your music. Like us, sure you never tire of creating a new song and lyrics and recording the whole thing yourself. Long may it continue.
Marlan says:
{ 07-14-2008 02:07 }
Beautiful keyboard work. Great voice and lyrics. Rate it a five.
cats eat people
{ 06-30-2008 14:00 }
cheers, your stuff is cool!!!!
{ 05-18-2008 17:35 }
P.S. Have to agree about the rhubarb and sprouts...
{ 05-18-2008 17:32 }
'Stupid Feet' is a gem and you have a very listenable, soothing voice. Doesn't remind me of anyone, which is great as I rate originality and uniqueness. One should always strive for a distinctive style and sound. So top marks: a high 5.
The Council
{ 05-14-2008 12:27 }
I have to agree with my buddy t mac ,stupid feet is very catchy , all your songs are fantastic ,was a real pleasure to listen all the best and top vote to ya/peace/chazz& the council
{ 05-13-2008 15:18 }
Hi Roger, I dig your stuff, it's cool music and I rated you a high 55555! Rob, solo bass-artist, Belgium
blah says:
{ 05-10-2008 17:29 }
You have some really great songs here, good mix's with some fabulous lyrics and tales. Especially enjoyed Stupid Feet. lol Thru a 5 at ya.....
TomTatum says:
{ 05-02-2008 01:48 }
C'est termine was tres magnifique! And "Stupid Feet" hit me right in the gut with the insightful lyrics about relationships. Five Stars for you, my friend!
INK says:
{ 04-24-2008 08:53 }
Nice keys great production, don't stop i gave you 6
Justus Prevails
{ 04-23-2008 00:10 }
You got a pretty kool sound happening there. Keep messing with the piano. Nice stuff.
Wyatt Alan
{ 04-21-2008 18:27 }
Thanks partner!! I dug your stuff too. 5/5 man. You should check out my site at
{ 04-21-2008 12:03 }
THANK YOU DARLING MUCH LOVE TO YOU,GOOD LUCK WITH ALL 55555555555555555555 555555555555555555555555 XXXXXXXXXXXX
{ 04-19-2008 17:05 }
I enjoyed your showcase,you have quite a talent my friend. unique, soulful, and well produced.
Redbox says:
{ 03-07-2008 00:07 }
five stars god bless.rb
Conan says:
{ 03-04-2008 14:39 }
Stupid Feet is truley a masterpiece. It's a bouncy song on the surface, but I found myself pondering deeply on the troubled tangos of my life. When things are out of step and theres nothing you can do - awakard :)
Load Stone
{ 03-02-2008 00:04 }
Interesting sound that I find new and refreshing.. 5 atcha man.. Mick
Urban Herbz
{ 02-28-2008 19:21 }
nice music check out the herbz
Redbox says:
{ 02-25-2008 10:16 }
A great mix in your writing style ,pure listening enjoyment.five stars.RB
Joe wazzup
{ 02-24-2008 22:51 }
/...and gave you a fiver.
Joe wazzup
{ 02-24-2008 22:51 }
You are very creative and I really like your music. My advice; continue to stay off the brussel sprouts. No one, anywhere, really like them.
Marshal Drinkwater
{ 02-24-2008 17:19 }
rodger please would you play a love song i wrote entitled marcia it deserves better than i have for it yours is the best voice i could find
JammyBen says:
{ 02-24-2008 07:31 }
Excellent ... You music flows nicely on SYM. I enjoyed listening to your work. I've given you a 5 rating. Keep on doing your thing ... Respect
cats eat people
{ 02-23-2008 03:34 }
cheers pal appreciate it :) love your sound, stupid feet and take me away are the stand out tracks for us, overall a really well written and produced collection of songs, high 5 from us!!!!!
Doug Hallock
{ 01-05-2008 17:26 }
Hey Roger, Stupid Feet is just the coolest song! I really like your work a lot. Blessings - Doug
suzana zimmermann
{ 01-04-2008 23:14 }
hola thanks for your comment, your music is great too, goo luck with it!
Days of Grace
{ 01-04-2008 19:21 }
Nice sounds you make.. Sounds like you paid ypur dues to RnR... Really nice lyrics. Clean Clear production... Like it very much... Thanks for sharing...... A big 5 from us to you. Happy New Year....
Stephanie Ruocco
{ 01-02-2008 19:55 }
your awesome! glad I stopped through, great voice!
{ 01-01-2008 12:09 }
Life with Max
{ 12-23-2007 06:58 }
Cheers for the comment, 5 right back atcha, Lovin your music. jen
George Ides
{ 12-22-2007 11:04 }
Great Music mate, well done. Like your style. Merry C
kerry leigh & expresso lane
{ 12-06-2007 20:57 }
Hi Rroger, your good mate I have always like the brit approach in pop music more centre and some mystery in the writing. 5 from us.
Primer says:
{ 12-06-2007 11:18 }
Thanks for the comment! I've never had that said before about my vox - kinda like it! ;) Love the "feet" song. Solid and catchy with amazing vocals. We'll spread the word around here! 5 festive stars!
Jim O
{ 12-06-2007 07:27 }
Riviting vocals and powerful songs.There is some great songwriting on show here and overall a top class performance. I'm giving you a 5. All the best. Jim.
urmymuse says:
{ 11-26-2007 18:16 }
top lyrics, tunes and sryle. the world is full of so much ... obvious. ur sound and style very refreshing. best wishes from urmymuse.
lesson zero
{ 11-26-2007 15:01 }
"Coming Back" starts out in 6/8 and even has a measure of 9/8 thrown in each verse for good measure. By the way, like your tunes - refreshingly different. Kerry (from lesson zero)
Elizabeth says:
{ 11-25-2007 14:06 }
thnx for the comment. your sound is very unique. i luv that. awesome sound
dalini says:
{ 11-25-2007 01:11 }
btw..who's brubarbs and bryússel sprouts? =)
dalini says:
{ 11-24-2007 17:11 }
Mercury Falling
{ 11-24-2007 16:04 }
Hi, thanks for the comment. To be frank: Your voice IS very good and fits perfectly your music. You shouldn't wish for a different one :). Your songs are really cool. They deserve no less than a 5.
Leron says:
{ 11-05-2007 14:13 }
Great music. Salute 5 stars ***** And don't forget to get your free downloads at
T.Mac. says:
{ 11-02-2007 15:20 }
"Stupid Feet" has got to be the catchiest tune on this site, great vocal, all the very best to you mate, 5. T.Mac.
Darren Jenkins
{ 11-01-2007 15:06 }
Hi Roger good solid sounding vocals.Love the style you play keep it up !!big respect Darren Jenkins 5 from me mate
Paul J Deegan
{ 10-29-2007 16:36 }
Thanks for getting back - i appreciate it. Yeah alot about Carlisle can make you feel odd - but i've only been here for a couple of years and think i'm far odder than Carlisle - so far :-)
Paul J Deegan
{ 10-29-2007 06:20 }
Really enjoyed listening to your songs.
Rusal Bostan
Rusal Bostan says:
{ 10-02-2007 08:51 }
Excellent stuff! Keep it up.
just me
just me says:
{ 09-27-2007 16:43 }
gday mate, i like to support as many people here as i can so i search pages and i found you. 5 again if i could. craig
just me
just me says:
{ 09-26-2007 18:20 }
wow, realy good stuff!!! 5 all the way. keep it up...... cheers. craig
flower says:
{ 09-23-2007 16:33 }
Listened to it for about 2hours straight, so soothing...brilliant, any other hidden talents?
Darling Lemuria
{ 09-09-2007 21:06 }
Thank You for being the first to comment on my music! I really love this stuff ya got here and will be sure to be back to hear it again and again! What ya got against poor litle brussel sprouts? LOL PeaCe Vamp V^^V
T with miLK
{ 09-03-2007 19:05 }
reminds me of the 70's peacefull
Ron Wess MusaQ! ElectroniQ MUSAQ!
{ 09-01-2007 08:25 }
Hey whats up,good stuff you got,stay Bangin!Give you 5 fo sho!Hey if I didn't tell you,Welcome to SYM!I was gone for awhile,but I'm back!Get at me just posted new Track"Yesterday,Today & Forever" PEACELOVE&GODBLESS! RON WESS
Dangerous Age
{ 08-25-2007 20:08 }
loving the sounds you've got going on, and have to give you a big 5 all the way
Ian Raggatt
{ 08-25-2007 18:01 }
Thanks for stopping by Roger! You have some real cool stuff here, The vocal melodies in particular stick in the old brainbox - To me always a sign of a sterling songwriter! ---- Peace Ian
T with miLK
{ 08-19-2007 22:59 }
reminds me alot of the doors and i like the doors 5 from me
Milk And Lemonade
{ 08-19-2007 14:51 }
Oh, ta, Roge! Fantastic stuff, there. I like rhubarb, but I don't like Brussel sprouts, so your wonderful music was like having rhubarb in my ear. And a marvellous thing that I've never experienced before it was too.
No says:
{ 08-18-2007 03:39 }
Wow.. really cool.. loved it.. gave you a 5+ .. keep on getting them.. CHEERS all day long
gabbas says:
{ 08-16-2007 13:58 }
i wouldn't mind if you were at my house just playing this, at my house i just have an old fool attempting to create what he calls 'music'... :)
Dj/producer......360 degrees
{ 08-15-2007 11:59 }
wow nice stuff giving you a 5 from sunny south africa
{ 08-13-2007 15:37 }
HI there, yes ,ive heard of the tidy boys they are very good, thank you for visiting my page:)
Garot Michael
{ 08-13-2007 15:33 }
Very much reminds me of Pink of the greatest bands ever. Even a hint of Tom Waits... I enjoyed your submissions and appreciate your comments as well. Continued success. Garot Michael.
Gui Low
Gui Low says:
{ 08-12-2007 16:53 }
Thanks for the positive comments - really like the music, very quirky and has a cult seventies feel to it. Could hear this is in a British gangster flick no bother! :) Keep it up man Cheers, Paul
Air Echo Music
{ 08-11-2007 12:49 }
Thanks for ur kind comments! Keep up the Good Work + Keep in touch! Peter
STEVEN J (ChicaGo)
{ 08-11-2007 11:49 }
Just showin respect to a site that deserves it, keep doin your thing,got my support, 5, h i t b a c k
Air Echo Music
{ 08-11-2007 10:56 }
Hi Roger Very Special Music, Strange But Lovely! Bravo for U! U've outstanding Compose Music around here! Encore & give more here! Bio, said U like all sorts music! Very Board Mind! U like Video? So Am I. Welcome aboard, Fun here! Vote u 5A! (º.º) Peter