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Johannesburg [Country]

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Bill Sterling
{ 09-17-2010 19:57 }
I ain't heard no monkey over her yet yodeling in any canyon..John and rus must have caught them and locke them up have a great day Rika
John Davis
{ 09-17-2010 17:30 }
Good afternoon Rika. or mabe morning at your hous. thanks for being a good friend.
Air Echo Music
{ 09-12-2010 19:26 }
Thanks a Lot!!! Try input some songs with mp3 format, or videos with many kinds of format like > .wmv .mov .avi many others! also a good friend! God Bless U + Ur Family! Love Peter
Air Echo Music
{ 09-12-2010 19:00 }
Hello Rika How R U!! John my best friend called me in!! U no longer vote # 2!! Now U've got my V5A for ur picture!! He He He. So ur vote = 3 now!! God Bless U!! Upload some songs here, even karaoke will be find!! Love Peter
John Davis
{ 09-12-2010 17:26 }
ah ha that will be a sight worth seeing.
John Davis
{ 09-12-2010 17:05 }
ah ha we got Bills atetion with them monkys he he. now we got a big job agead of us to train them munkys to yodle.
Bill Sterling
{ 09-12-2010 16:49 }
Hi Rika good to see John got you over here... lol Record some of them lions screaming ..And monkeys yodeling in canyons..That should keep you in 5's from now on lol
John Davis
{ 09-12-2010 15:54 }
yas Rika and if you vidio some of them Eliphonts and munkys and tigers and lions and upload your vidio hear i am sure it will put you on the home page charts. you will meet lots of new friends hear. it was are main sight befor we went to jamwave.
John Davis
{ 09-12-2010 15:30 }
ah you got it all woorking. now i give you a 5 vote just for the photo. cant give a biger vote so have to setle for a 5
John Davis
{ 09-12-2010 15:26 }
Rika now all you need to do is klick my name on my coment hear and it will take you to my page and you can leave coments ther. for aother folks to read. that will woork for anyones name by ther coments.
John Davis
{ 09-12-2010 14:49 }
Rika thers still something wrong.when you klick your picture or your name from someone elses sight it shuld take you straght to you sight.but insted it takes you to your inbox. that is so strange.
John Davis
{ 09-12-2010 14:43 }
Ah now ther she is. all beutified up ready to go out ther and face the munkys and lions and tigers and the Elephonts. your gone be cooing now that you got it woorking.