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Laura Jayne

[Singer, Folk, Americana]

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4.52 Rating | #464 | 46 Votes | 10022 Views |
Laura Jayne
  1. J'aime La Vie
  2. Kings Crown
  3. Lead Me-Live
  4. Red Lights and Green
  5. Touch Down
South West based artist, Laura Dugmore exudes charisma as she plays her endearing folk influenced songs with a wistful and nostalgic charm. Her sensitively crafted songs cover a broad spectrum of topics including a travelling eccentric frenchman, conversations with blackbirds, dancing cowboys and seaside lullabies. The release of her debut EP "J'aime La Vie" showcases Laura's versatility playing with her talented band against quirky, nu-folk, popsicle beats. Expect her distinctive voice and lyrics to whisk you away, as she sings sweetly yet frankly from experience.

" She is certainly a natural when it comes to performing, she is completely at one with her music." BBC Radio Devon-Kev Hutchings

"Charming Folk/Pop" Cavern Club
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The View From Here
{ 01-09-2012 02:55 }
Hi Laura, really enjoyed your showcase, great songs and that is an awesome voice you have there... cheers for the listen, rob
Brooke Pearce
{ 12-24-2008 17:01 }
Hey.. You're pretty and you're pretty good too. Very good sound. Now I need to come up with originals and I'm working on them. Love Brooke.
Ray Barclay
{ 10-13-2008 16:56 }
Gary's mum pointed me to your music, and I'm glad she did. Excellent songs, piano playing, singing and guitar playing. 5 from me definitely. The big time beckons surely?!?
DSS Music
DSS Music says:
{ 06-10-2008 14:32 }
Vote # 44 with a big 5 comes from us. Can tell you wrote the songs, as they perfectly suit your voice. Good songwriting and we wish you every success in the future.
DJ Stevie B
{ 05-31-2008 23:00 }
I sooooo enjoyed your live tracks, intros and all! You have such a fantasic quality to your voice. I would love to do a house or even a drum & bass remix to one of your songs. VOTED 5 100%!!!
Sean Achilleos / Singer Songwriter
{ 03-29-2008 04:33 }
I like it!!! Keep at it and good luck with your career!!! SC
3days says:
{ 02-26-2008 17:18 }
Im really diggin your sound Thanks for sharing your talents with the world I really enjoyed listening 3days
Doug Hallock
{ 02-13-2008 19:45 }
Hey Laura, You have great music Laura - thanks for sharing your gift with me. Blessings - Doug
Ron Ouellette
{ 01-12-2008 12:09 }
unique sweet vocal style 5 on it.
Dennis Flowers
{ 01-08-2008 11:06 }
Surfing the SYM and came across yours. Very nice indeed and I love the lyrics. You are a creative genius and I foresee you having great success in 2008. 5x5x5.
Wendy Risoli
{ 11-09-2007 18:21 }
You got my 5 Laura. Well done girl. Love you too. Wendy Risoli
{ 10-18-2007 21:21 }
Very nice music (5) keep it up. Come and check my tunes out. Geronimo
Stephen Johnson
{ 08-25-2007 02:51 }
Hi Laura Jayne, it has been a pleasure to listen to you play and sing, you have what it takes ,and I wish you all that is good,555's from me toyou!!Keep it up!!Look forward to your next songs,, Take Care and God Bless, Steve( Australia)
Joe wazzup
{ 08-16-2007 23:57 }
Really great. A 5 from me!!
Rick Amira
{ 08-14-2007 01:02 }
fantastic versatility...strong, unique style! solid 5!!
Tommy K
Tommy K says:
{ 08-03-2007 17:05 }
awesome stuff, great to hear an english lass schooling the rest of them! hope you make it :) much love, tommy k
Cape for the Bat
{ 07-27-2007 12:16 }
You wrotE it froM yourR hearT. You Play iT with YouR Soul Nd we All deserve it thaT way, weLL you are OkaY. Kleopa NL.
Lennie Moreno
{ 07-26-2007 11:13 }
I will give a 5 for the Sarah McClauclan style, you have a good vibe with youre voice. If you sing at the same time as you are playing, props. Best regards
Stoneman says:
{ 07-24-2007 21:35 }
Your vocals bring a warm and fuzzy that makes the listener feel as though they are in the middle of a conversation. Outstanding! Stoneman
Mandi Leachman
{ 07-23-2007 22:37 }
No problem girl you really have a beautiful voice. I wouldn't call it a tour lol, I am just rehearsing and getting ready for acoustic gigs and maybe full band shows, I just finished the album so that will be the next step I guess! : )
Dangerous Age
{ 07-23-2007 19:52 }
great work, big 5 all the way
Young Trizzle
{ 07-23-2007 18:46 }
Check out tha showcase homie my music knock check it out and give me your feedback yuh sayin Im da real Young Trizzle ne otha person say that tell'em i said to c me
Jude Spears
{ 07-23-2007 17:13 }
Beautiful! Your music hits me in the heart! Keep doing what you do.
Lennie Moreno
{ 07-23-2007 16:34 }
Good music, continue the fun, Best regards, I will give you 5 : )
Whispers Edge
{ 07-23-2007 12:26 }
I appreiate your style . It makes me feel like I,m at the opera. I think your music should be on broadway....lots of love.
Mark Winterford
{ 07-22-2007 18:40 }
Hello there long time no see. one word amazing. I really love your songs. i am a fan. wow. gobsmacked. Hope you are doing well. See you soon x x x
DANNY says:
{ 07-21-2007 14:08 }
one word brilliant,you got great talent,i give you 5 all day,brilliant voice and exellent arrangement well done. peace dannyx
DyeVerse says:
{ 07-20-2007 21:22 }
wow i love your voice man, perfect harmonies and everything...gave you a 5...holla atcha boy dyeverse
{ 07-20-2007 13:31 }
keep doing U One Love!
Ryan S.
Ryan S. says:
{ 07-20-2007 11:14 }
You're simply amazing. I hope line up some concerts in the US. I think you're better than Regina Spektor or Ani DiFranco. When can we expect the album? Keep up the good work and Cheers!
Mandi Leachman
{ 07-20-2007 01:17 }
Hey pretty lady, you are very talented, the way you play those instruments, and write your own songs, and not to mention you have a very pretty voice. I give you a 5 keep it up!
{ 07-19-2007 22:59 }
I gave you a five! I love your music SO much!! I think you will definetley make it big! Come check out my page and tell me what you think. Love Aliyah Marie
Aubrey Dunham The Saxist
{ 07-19-2007 19:35 }
I perform and play Jazz Saxophone, which a lot of styles from Smooth, Easy Listening, New Age and music of the now generation use. Listen and Liked what you do. Maybe we can work together. A live 5. Check The Saxist out, rate and comment.
Ron Wess MusaQ! ElectroniQ MUSAQ!
{ 07-19-2007 19:13 }
hey welcome to SYM! your talent is your volume of work, gave ya 5! get at me if possible ...PEACELOVE&GODBLESS! RON WESS
STEVEN J (ChicaGo)
{ 07-19-2007 17:11 }
laura i luv green lights, its a nice joint, u got a lot of soul in your songs, keep at it, got mysupport, 5, hit back
Kim Evans
Kim Evans says:
{ 07-19-2007 15:50 }
Hi Laura, Love your stuff! Especially Kings Crown, very cool chordal structure!! 5
Air Echo Music
{ 07-19-2007 13:41 }
Hello Laura, I Love the Best is "Red Lights and Green"! Its not easy to sing! High Skill!!! There are 2 pianos one is your Vocal!! So Clear Cut & Accurate!! Love your musical arrangement! Bless!! V5A!! (º.º) sincerely Peter
Gareth Newman  & Janet English
{ 07-19-2007 13:30 }
Loved your Style and music you are a true STAR! gave you a Big #5 TODAY.BEST WISHES TO YOU AND YOUR FUTURE ..I KNOW WILL BE VERY BRIGHT! "SYM" jaefitness Fan!
Nut Funny
Nut Funny says:
{ 07-19-2007 09:52 }
wow, incredible, creative, unique, imaginative, mad, delicate, powerfull, 5
Miss Allena
{ 07-19-2007 07:19 }
Hi Laura! I really like your "Red lights and green". I think its the best song I´ve heard on this site. Wish you the best! Listen to my songs if you want! /Miss Allena
Miss Allena
{ 07-19-2007 07:18 }
Hi Laura! I really like your "Red lights and green". I think its the best song I´ve heard on this site. Wish you the best! Listen to my songs if you want! /Miss Allena
Dave McIsaac
{ 07-19-2007 05:12 }
You are incredibly talented and entertaining. What a treat!
Josie Vie
Josie Vie says:
{ 07-18-2007 17:06 }
Very nice!Different and refreshing...Best of luck girl,you got a lot a talent.Love and Light...Josie*****
Laura J
Laura J says:
{ 07-15-2007 23:18 }
It is not very often I am impressed and today you made a believer out of me. I loved your music. You should be signed already. Let me know when the cd comes out. You have a wonderful voice I would love to see on stage. Blessings, Laura J
OPAQUE says:
{ 07-01-2007 15:08 }
Your music is beautiful.Thankyou x
Nathan Leigh
{ 06-30-2007 20:30 }
Positively stunning. Your music has a very jazzy, classic feel that honestly improves my mood and takes me away. A 5 for you.
Mal Fry
Mal Fry says:
{ 06-28-2007 07:24 }
Fantastic showcase, you have a great style that demands to be listened to,glad I found you, Mal
Jimmy Cempron
{ 06-28-2007 06:21 }
Ken Dickens
{ 06-26-2007 13:04 }
Very nice work there Laura a definite 5+ I especially liked 'Honestly' as it is reminiscent of David Fosters style which is second to none IMHO keep up the good work , a thoroughly enjoyable listen (^_^)
{ 06-25-2007 20:55 }
George Ides
{ 06-25-2007 15:41 }
Hey just popprd in to hear your music. Very impressive, I wish you the best.
Justus Prevails
{ 06-24-2007 15:37 }
Wow, that's great music. You have a great voice and you put together some very listenable jazzy grooves. Easy to get into your sounds. Nice going! 5 up