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Jim O'Keeffe

Athy [Rock, Blues, Vocalist]

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4.52 Rating | #480 | 380 Votes | 38709 Views |
Cover of album Factory Town
  1. 01 Snakewind
  2. 02 Factory Town
  3. 03 Suburban serenade
  4. 04 Outside edge
  5. 05 Light
  6. 06 Once was a line
  7. 07 Bottom feeder
  8. 08 Done that
  9. 09 Way it is
  10. 10 One floor up
Jim O’Keeffe is a native of Athy, a small rural town in the midlands of Ireland. Born in 1954 he has spent his life listening to and playing the blues, his greatest musical influences are Rory Gallagher, Eric Clapton, Robbie Robertson and of course the great bluesmen of previous years like Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker. Having played the bars and the college circuit during his college years, Jim has now turned his full attention to writing and recording.
Jim’s guitar sound is based mainly on Fender stratocasters with the occasional use of Guild and Rickenbacker guitars. Acoustically he favours Takamine, and of course his old cheap pawnshop dobro for slide.

Factory town :
The fifth cd from Jim opens at breakneck speed with “Snakewind” - a Rory Gallagher-esque guitar driven blues rock number. Influences of Bruce Springsteen can be heard in the base drum driven number “Factory town“. “Once was a line” sees Jim tipping his hat to the gutsy ballad style of Tom Petty. And if it’s pure blues you want just listen to the haunting harmonica cutting through “Suburban serenade“.
All in all - these ten original songs are a tribute to the many influences of this songwriter - served up with that unique flavour as only Jim can do.

Guitars, vocals, keyboards, harmonica and drum programming : Jim O'Keeffe

All tracks written by Jim O’Keeffe.

This album is available now for purchase and download on CDBABY

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Sonny  Trancheeta
{ 01-17-2017 00:56 }
Outstanding Keep up The Energy!!! 5's across the Board Jimmy
Dissent says:
{ 09-16-2012 01:01 }
Havent heard such soulful and atmospheric blues since I dont know when. Meaningful without sacrificing the fun that blues should have. 5s all day long, bro!
Trevor James
{ 11-28-2011 23:54 }
Wow excellent showcase - love your sound - 5 from me
{ 02-06-2011 09:43 }
Awesome guitar, great lyrics and an ace voice. Hi 5 from me. Good luck. Lynn
Solo D Joseph Daniel
{ 02-09-2010 22:25 }
You rock on that guitar and it deserves a 5 from me. Rock on!
C.B.Cane says:
{ 11-17-2009 00:11 }
This feels good. Like it 5 it is . Stop by when you can
By luck not judgement
{ 10-02-2009 07:52 }
hey, long time no speaky. your tunes are stil awesome, check out our new song leavin so soon, it will knock you down!
Dash Too
Dash Too says:
{ 09-12-2009 08:23 }
A very high Standard Rock Artist,Found it Easy To Listen To UR Artistry I Rate U Highly.
Traite Walker
{ 08-16-2009 11:26 }
Fancy meeting you here Jim, Is myspace not big for the both of us?lol. Sounding rockin' there mate
Flock of Nerds
{ 06-25-2009 01:29 }
Fatastic! You must be making millions off our album =) We give you a 5! Come by & say hello. We're also in the rock category =)
{ 05-20-2009 15:53 }
Good! Good! Good musical ideas..5
Blue Diamond
{ 04-06-2009 01:19 }
Spectacular, great honest blues and the guitar playing is top notch. (5 star vote)
Nance Jayne/Njal
{ 03-23-2009 22:06 }
Excellent sounds here, wonderful, 5 from me, keep creating , Im a fan. Nan
Micantee says:
{ 03-09-2009 11:15 }
Everybody has a unique song, wel done, 5 rated .
Realms says:
{ 03-07-2009 00:43 }
U guys are seriously talented....nice music .Keep it up:)...and yea i give u 5
JC Wrightson
{ 01-29-2009 12:11 }
Hey, finally posted some new songs!!
Jimi Staggs
{ 01-26-2009 23:16 }
Great music friend. Nice job with the album. should make some good change selling them online.
Strange State
{ 01-03-2009 23:20 }
So many people say they play the blues, anyone can play the blues and sound like everyone else. Your influences stand out because of interpretation. You have that interpretation and own your own voice a 5 vote from me.
Charlie Leonard
{ 12-27-2008 03:13 }
Hey Jim all good tracks however "Factory Town", "Bottom Feeder" and "Way It Is" do the trick for me. "Bottom Feeder" excellent. Excellent vocals and you got the gats going. Let's see the Ricky huh? 5 Rating!
Ron Wess MusaQ! ElectroniQ MUSAQ!
{ 12-21-2008 17:05 }
great stuff,like the originality,keep rockin,give ya 5 fo sho, reposted oldy but goody track "Not Just For The Season" & 'Layla's Return" for the Holiday Season Enjoy! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year From Ron Wess MusaQ PEACELOVE&GODBLESS
roye albrighton
{ 10-18-2008 06:39 }
Great raw it! keep up the great work
My Wicked Twin
{ 08-09-2008 11:52 }
Good job buddy - real raw guitar and vox - keep going! Brent
Marlan says:
{ 07-09-2008 00:05 }
Good variety, Great voice and lyrics.Can see the different influences in the songs. Like the guitar work. You can't go wrong with a Strat. Rate it a five.
Annis says:
{ 06-10-2008 19:24 }
Just wanted to let you know I've got some new tunes on my showcase. Some I've written. Come check it out:)
{ 04-26-2008 05:13 }
great,high energy hard rockin blues,5
Gladius says:
{ 04-15-2008 02:07 }
Posted some more tracks; I'd like to know what you think,. Keep it up--that's good stuff!
Joey Lindly
{ 04-08-2008 01:32 }
how much fun are you? WAY! Cheers mates~ Joey
Hot Chicken
{ 03-21-2008 11:08 }
Your rock/blues is cool Nice stuff BIG 5 Let's blues again Chicken-BéèS
CLEARWATER No1. Creedence tribute
{ 03-07-2008 14:11 }
Great stuff Jim ! Greets Hervé - Clearwater
{ 03-03-2008 01:08 }
{ 03-03-2008 01:08 }
Duy_ ngoc
Duy_ ngoc says:
{ 03-02-2008 03:05 }
Hey Jim, I really enjoy your music and voice. It's great. I gave you a big "5".
Load Stone
{ 03-02-2008 01:26 }
I Like I like I like... Um, did I say I Like? Mick...
Totally Savage
{ 02-25-2008 13:42 }
Jim, nice sounds, very honest,soulful and "dripping" w/ experience! Thanks for your visit!
Chloe Loel
{ 02-20-2008 17:00 }
Fun and fast sound you have great recording too. I give you a five.
underdog says:
{ 02-19-2008 13:35 }
nicely produced full sounding tracks pal, i have to agreed with the last comment though, factory town is a great song, catchy melody and plenty of riffy guitar, love it!
cats eat people
{ 02-19-2008 13:27 }
cheers jim, quality blues sound! snakewind is rockin! but factory town is the best in our opinion :)
Bob & Deb Eaton
{ 02-13-2008 18:46 }
Hey Jim, some very tight arrangements there, and some sweet guitar licks! That's the way to play Rock'n Roll! We really enjoyed listening!
Twilight says:
{ 02-12-2008 02:39 }
Good sound nice music, greetings from twilight the Netherlands
Lorraine Davies
{ 02-11-2008 11:30 }
Great music with great energy. You get a 5. Drop by and see me... Lorraine
Serial Twin
{ 02-10-2008 13:24 }
Great stuff... nice vintage sound.. Have 5.
asdf says:
{ 02-07-2008 13:17 }
Hey, I really enjoyed your music. Suburban Serenade has a really cool feel to it. Definite 5 from me. peace
Fred Smith
{ 02-07-2008 10:00 }
i really like your music.. you are definately a pro. I give you a 5!!
Infinitee Jewell
{ 02-06-2008 01:51 }
Wow. Soulful powerful guitar. Thanks for the nice words regarding my singing. Enjoying your music. ***5***
Laura Salamone
{ 02-04-2008 11:09 }
OMG How fantastic are you! I love everything, your voice, your guitar playing is amazing. Definitely a 5 from me. Phenomenal xxxx
Anne Gomez
{ 02-03-2008 22:57 }
The ould Emerald Isle produced a real gem wi you.As well as your vocals & your music in general..I just loved the drums.Pure Ded Bril;Cheers, Anne Gomez
No says:
{ 02-03-2008 02:46 }
Lec says:
{ 01-29-2008 14:04 }
Thank you so much for your comment ! You are a first-rate musician, now you are in my favouries,rated you a 5.
Darlene Miller
{ 01-28-2008 20:03 }
WOW are you ever talented. I want to buy your CD. You are a kick-butt guitarist and vocalist. You are a star. a 10 Darlene
Peter Robb (Aussie Pete)
{ 01-28-2008 20:01 }
I realy like your vocal sound,Your voice should be a bit Higher in the mix. Nice tunes, a 5 from Australia.Rock on my man. Aussie Pete.
Joyce H. Summers Songs of Hope
{ 01-28-2008 13:23 }
Thanks so much for your encouragement, although you are a great songwritter and musician and Artist. You for sure desirve a $ 5 plus
Richard "Mack" Thomas
{ 01-28-2008 11:46 }
Holy $#@! Great songs Jim! You are a super talent. It's cool to hear from an Irish Blues man. Keep Rippin' 'em out and I'll keep listening. All the best to you brother.
Nathalie Miranda
{ 01-28-2008 07:34 }
Thanks Jim, much appreciated. I'm gonna add you on myspace x
{ 01-24-2008 13:51 }
Hello *Jim* thank you so much for your nice comment ! I Love the Music , you make, from me you get a strong 5 ! Much Love Kay
rhyme dummy
{ 01-22-2008 20:44 }
rokk on bro, nice music, definately 5 outa 5 buddy... chek me out as welll
Mike Roxonberg
{ 01-22-2008 17:26 }
Hi thanks for great comment. Love the guitar you use and your voice is great also enjoyed your music V5A
Alexander Murray
{ 01-19-2008 05:56 }
Hey Jim, Great songs and sound. Pleasure listening in. Peace always. A.
Daniel Lawrence Bissell
{ 01-17-2008 05:17 }
"Snakewind" - that's an awesome rippin song! It's got a sound like a razors edge. I gave a 5 and will likely be back to listen more - as I already did a few times.
Richard Morgan
{ 01-16-2008 04:37 }
Good work, Jim, and some fine guitar work. Thanks for stopping by and the positive comments. Best wishes for 2008. Richard
Bernie Mckenzie
{ 01-15-2008 09:11 }
Hello!! Just thought I would drop a line invite you to my showcase to hear my new tune "So Into You....Keep making great music,and best of luck for 2008.....Bernie
Melissa Kiesecker
{ 01-13-2008 19:00 }
Jim, I absolutely love Snakewind!!!!! You're awesome!!!!!! So glad you enjoyed my sound too! Much love Melissa xoxoxo
Fading Horses
{ 01-13-2008 11:17 }
Great music - Rory lives on - enjoyed all of your songs very well played, written and all done with great enthusiasm - spot on mate!
Slow Plow
Slow Plow says:
{ 01-11-2008 05:12 }
Cool!Another old coot like me.And I'm pretty sure we have the same barber? Awesome stuff man! Plow On Dude!
Whiskey Daniels Band
{ 01-10-2008 21:20 }
Sean Achilleos / Singer Songwriter
{ 01-10-2008 10:20 }
like the sound you got going - take 5. shaun correia
no name
no name says:
{ 01-09-2008 12:29 }
love that song factory town...keep up the good work hi 5 all the way
R.E. Willis
{ 01-07-2008 19:44 }
Blues, Rock doesn't matter. The Boss and Clap have nothing on you. 5 for the man.
The Bruce of Windsor Project
{ 01-07-2008 17:12 }
Nice Music Jim. I really enjoyed listening to your songs. You play a real nice guitar too. It would be great to jam out on stage sometime. Perhaps that will come about someday. I gave you a big 5 so keep on rocking.
{ 01-06-2008 23:34 }
Hi,your music sounds really good!I gave you a 5 cause you truly deserve it!You should set up a free account at,and upload some of your music there.Bye!Have a terrific day! ~Briana-Mariaah~
Shimmer says:
{ 01-05-2008 14:46 }
Hey you have some cool sounds there!! Great going!! From: The Shimmer sisters xxx
DHChicago says:
{ 01-05-2008 11:06 }
I thought I was listening to Rory!!! Love it!!!
mg says:
{ 01-04-2008 14:24 }
I enjoy your music. Thank you. The recordings sound very profissional.
Daniel Lawrence Bissell
{ 01-04-2008 10:13 }
Cooool Beans!! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Also "Snakewind" is a rippin' good song right off the bat. I had just a taste and will be back to listen more for sure! You've got a well deserved 5 - Daniel
Colour Cold
{ 01-04-2008 07:22 }
Greetings Jim, Thanks for the great comments! I had to check out your page and I must say I love it!! Great to hear good music!! All thumbs up to you, I wish you much success!! Liz - COLOUR COLD
INK says:
{ 01-02-2008 13:24 }
I am a sucker for stringed instruments so off the top you get a high 55555555555555555555
Drama Queen
{ 01-02-2008 09:03 }
Great guitar & vocals! Five stars from us.
{ 01-02-2008 08:16 }
T.Mac. says:
{ 01-01-2008 15:00 }
All the very best to you and yours Jim, hope 2008 is a good un`. T.Mac.
STEVEN DOES (As opposed to Steven Doesn
{ 01-01-2008 01:27 }
Jozua K.
Jozua K. says:
{ 12-30-2007 09:49 }
For You The Best and for me the Last. You are the Greatest Rock Maniac and Super Soloist ----> 5. Jim O'Keeffe, my Salute!!!
Eulalia says:
{ 12-30-2007 04:54 }
Kelley Krueger
{ 12-25-2007 23:39 }
Killer guitar playing... Great songs... and I really like your vocals too... Your style is strong and has a real gritty quality... Truly exceptional music... 5ver!!! Happy Holidays Kelley K
Ramy says:
{ 12-22-2007 03:21 }
hey Dude .. SOme Nice Blues u got there .. exceptional voice - style - talent .. Factory Town Rocked Me a Definite 5/5 .. ill rate ya .. Hit me back bro and rate plz if u have the time .. BYEEZ Ramy[=]Electra
teressa edwards
{ 12-21-2007 17:05 }
happy holidays to you keep up the good work and all the best for the new year miss t xx
Guy G. Gorman & the G-Men
{ 12-21-2007 10:30 }
Thanks for the nice comments! You're a great guitarist. Your heroes would be proud. Rory is certainly smiling down on you.
No says:
{ 12-21-2007 01:39 }
wish us a little luck, who knows!
No says:
{ 12-21-2007 01:37 }
We are booked When: December, 21 2007 Where: AK O’Conners Bar n Grill (3530 Westown Parkway, West Des Moines, Iowa 50266) Cost : $3, Got to be 21+ Showtime: 9 pm - 1 am 2 long sets will be played !
Dylan Lloyd (
{ 12-21-2007 01:32 }
hey jim, thank you very much for showin your support bro. come by to listen again anytime dude. take care of yourself. peace. Dylan Lloyd
Kicking Saturday
{ 12-20-2007 19:44 }
Casuell (New Music) Vote/Comment
{ 12-19-2007 22:22 }
You are definately doin' your thing. I mean, you've really got something. Be blessed and prosper. 5 Casuell
No says:
{ 12-19-2007 01:48 }
This is one of our best messages to the world (don't drink and drive) and we hope that the world listens up! There are a few raps about the records Igor loved and grew up on. Enjoy, this one is on us from the bottom of our well, cheers - Annelida
No says:
{ 12-19-2007 01:46 }
Hey Jim, this is Igor, I just put up a very own song of ours up for grabs! its a little ditty called 'Walkin.. To The Bar' .... this song symbolizes Igor when he was just a child in Russia...
Richard Murray
{ 12-18-2007 20:47 }
Keep the 70's alive gave you a five Thats when music had heart and soul I'm doing some country rock kinda stuff but I like the blues rock thing when I'm jaming.. Rich..
{ 12-17-2007 14:50 }
Hey Thanks so much for the comments. Love your vibe also and cool vocals keep in touch 5 Star ***** cambell
No says:
{ 12-17-2007 00:17 }
are you hiding again?
Mizz Dallas
{ 12-16-2007 20:14 }
thank you sir for your comment,i am also coming throu to show some love with my 5, keep rocking and rolling. 1love
Joana Dutcher
{ 12-15-2007 20:07 }
You have such a great style. I love the roughness in your voice. It is hypnotic. Thanks for stopping by and giving your compliments. I definitely gave a 5 to a fellow Irishman (woman in my case)
Kicking Saturday
{ 12-14-2007 01:46 }
kick it with all night a big 5
barbara ruiz
{ 12-11-2007 17:02 }
hey bravo i woul like to record suburban serenade its very clever ,i loved ...i rate you whit 5555 amazing job !
Nokes says:
{ 12-11-2007 00:45 }
you are amazing bro peace and love and a five -nokes