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Jemma aged 10.resting after a busy day singing
  1. Be Strong by Delta Goodrem.
  2. AA. SIX RIBBONS Jemma aged 10. Power, projection, pitch accurate. Will gain emotional content as she matures.
  3. AAAA 1. Six Ribbons sung by jemma aged 10. Harmony by Georgia and jemma. Song by Jon English
  4. An eerie unsigned song... Jodie. Note, lyrics are implying story line, Excellent poetic structure as well as haunting theme climaxing in vibes solo at conclusion.
  5. Bitter angry quite incredible unreleased and unsigned song sung by JODIE wait for the finale. Quite stunning. No one vents his spleen like this writer.
  6. BLACKSMITH..... Jodie. Note the pitch, control, dynamics and emotional input.
  7. Fields of Gold STING sung by jemma age 11.
  8. First time ever I saw your face. Jodie at 19. Glorious interpretation. Minimalist backing. Again, I cannot emphasise enough CONTROL, PITCH, INTERPRETATION, INVOLVEMENT.
  9. HERE COMES THE SUN. Energy plus from IMOGEN aged 7...yes 7. Imogen is a singer exra-ordinare in the making. Gentle as she goes, Imogen is a young actor in local theatre. No big deal such as England's Connie. Steady as she grows and will mature beautifully
  10. I AM AUSTRALIAN. Brooke .... the prettiest voice ever at age 11. If you can't sing like this at 15 or 16 with years of practice...forget it. You won't be able to sing involving your listeners.
  11. I dreamed a dream Les MIS. Brooke age 15
  12. I had a dream by Priscilla Ahn
  13. LIKE A FLOWER Sarah...smoothe and sexy.
  14. LOOK AT ME; I'M SANDRA DEE... Brooke at 15. Bright , bouncy, cheeky and genuine. Was Olivia all that innocent when she sang the song?
  15. My Heart will go on. Sung by Jemma who is TEN years of age. You'll notice controlled power at the finale of the song...and at only 10. Jemma has a huge future if she pursues singing and acting.
  16. NOT PRETTY ENOUGH BROOKE A very pretty and well controlled young voice rich in overtones. Full, yet ethereal. Sends the message of being insecure in her relationship. THE LYRICS ARE INTERPRETED.
  17. Not ready to make nice Dixie chicks song Jemma aged 11.
  18. Not signed or released and UNTITLED... Jodie.
  19. ON ANOTHER PLANE... Jodie and Ted. Chorus involves four harmonies, layered. Three dimensional spread.A cohesive country rock song which works admirably.
  20. ONE TIME cover sung by Jemma aged 11/
  21. SAN FRANCISCO BAY> Satin Sounds. Tight harmonies without being too clever, in which in many cases, execution of song overshadows song itself. Too many a'capella groups do that. Soulless but just too trite and precious.
  22. Sarah singing something by Norah....lovely and cool
  23. SEA SHANTY Three's Company. Strong yet simple harmonies
  24. Seagull Seven sided Dice soundtrack Jemma age 11.
  25. SEPTEMBER SONG. Notice how balanced the voice levels are, and to sing a'capella in an ensemble, requires impeccable intonation and exceptional listening skills.
  26. SILENT SUNLIGHT Cat Stevens/Yusef Islam
  28. SLUMBER MY DARLING.. Brooke. Notice that competent singers can sing ANY style or genre.
  29. STILL SAYING GOODBYE by Julie Grower and Bud Tower. sung by Jemma aged 11. XOX.
  30. THEME FROM TITANIC. Brooke at 15. She ain't Celine, but isn't there more immediacy and emotional input? One take. I wasn't aware she even knew the song.
  31. Under African Skies, Paul Simon, sung by Brooke, harmony Imogen
  32. UNTITLED AND UNSIGNED.Jodie... Melodic and hummable. An unsigned song of world class. That is the standards you need to match.
  33. UNTITLED.... JODIE. MUCH ENERGY FROM THREE MUSICIANS.....ONE TAKE....NO CORRECTIONS. Illustrates competence and confidence with material. Unsigned originals don't need to sound BORING.
This showcase is to present examples of exemplary singers. It is designed to guide "would be" singers on how to present them selves in terms of voice control, pitch range, and HOW SINGERS SHOULD SING.Commentary notes will be made with each new posting. Of emerging talent, Jemma, aged 11 is just wonderful. We all hope she continues with her enthusiasm.

The number of "hits" on the site is distorted as previous artists have been using this URL. For a roller coaster ride of seriously good music, explore every song. You will be blown away. Most of the singers are world class. Correct me if I'm not right.

Graham...Admirer of all of these talented young women. [/color]
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{ 03-15-2017 17:49 }
well done
The Council
{ 11-16-2015 20:41 }
Very well recorded and produced.a1.
Darrell Glen Carlisle
{ 08-30-2015 13:44 }
This is good! No, GREAT!
{ 04-24-2012 00:11 }
Nice work
{ 04-22-2011 17:49 }
Excellent showcase
the marimba belles[ and beaus]
{ 11-11-2009 04:51 }
The songs are a knockout, especially from young Jemma. A five plus from us.
{ 11-01-2009 13:01 }
5 from me keep it up very nice
kelz love cory
kelz love cory says:
{ 11-01-2009 03:32 }
heyyyyy it is laura u are sooo good i wiche i was u love froem laura p.s im on kelseys thing
kelz love cory
kelz love cory says:
{ 11-01-2009 03:10 }
omfg u are realy realy good from kelsey and all my friends
the marimba belles[ and beaus]
{ 10-06-2009 19:54 }
Some beautiful talent here. Many fans of all the women singers. a five from us.
Tha Professa *Alwayz 100*
{ 09-23-2009 23:29 }
In One Word- GREAT!! Vote #26 Is A 5 From Me.
{ 09-12-2009 14:01 }
Lovely Country Rock With Sensitive Story Line Vocals Which Takes U On An Imaginative gurney,Highly Rated. ( Do U Listen To Joni Mitchell as i Do ?
GISELL says:
{ 08-18-2009 14:34 }
THANX GIRL!!! I've listen to your music. AWESOME. don't give up to your dreams. Gisell
David Kelly Music
{ 05-23-2009 11:37 }
Jemma and the SENSATIONS
{ 05-11-2009 04:43 }
Gee...thanks for putting us up with the older women. We're still very young. Jemma, Georgia, Shaye and all of us.
Brooke Pearce
{ 05-11-2009 04:40 }
Thanks for including me on your site. Brooke. I give us all a FIVE.
mental Invasion
{ 05-04-2009 02:21 }
5 great music i love your voice its so great to listen too keep it going
{ 04-26-2009 05:36 }
Great stuff and lovely singing. 5555 from other part of the world.
Wendy Risoli
{ 04-20-2009 18:30 }
Wow. Don't know what else to say. Beautiful too. a definate 5. Wendy Risoli
Cherie Rivero
{ 04-17-2009 05:46 }
Thanks for your lovely comments. I have listen to your tracks and love the sound. Good luck and all the best. Cherie :)
the marimba belles[ and beaus]
{ 04-07-2009 11:22 }
Like our ensemble, all your entries appear to be musicians who craft their music impeccably without losing energy and spontanaeity. It is all about your committment. Practice leads to real freedom.A ton of fives.
David Kelly Music
{ 04-01-2009 13:09 }
You are so awesome, thanks for stopping by and listening. I would be honored to work with you and of course if you ever need a piano player for hire you know where to get him, right here.I want that million dollar voice to sing my new album. David
Bunker Records
{ 04-01-2009 11:06 }
Love the sound! great music! 5's all day RESPECT! DDP
DSS Music
DSS Music says:
{ 03-31-2009 15:38 }
We have heard these girls before on other pages and they are very talented indeed. Particularly the tone and pitch perfect Jodie that appears to have the most experience. Another 5 from us and we hope they all become successful.
j gutta az henchman
{ 03-31-2009 10:52 }
hot 5 come check me out return the love