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Hearts of Steele

[Country, Pop-Rock, Rock]

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Hearts of Steele
A male and female artist combined as a dynamic duo performing original music as well as top 40 hits.
Hearts of Steele was formed in Nashville TN back in January of 2007 as a duet act comprising of husband and wife team Ray and Jennifer Brasseur.
Already having established television and radio experience, this act is aware of what it takes to capture and hold an audience of wide appeal, young and old.
Jennifer Brasseur is a very talented vocalist and has had much success not only performing but also doing spokes modeling for team mazda, representing the western U.S. doing commercials and live promos as well as recording and distributing her own cd compilation of uplifting songs as well as R&B and has secured her fan base which continues to grow.
Ray Brasseur (Steele) is a seasoned performer and songwriter with a few songs out on the radio performed by established artists in Nashville TN and has a fan base throughout Canada and the U.S. Touring and opening for acts such as The Beach Boys, Dr.Hook,Sawyer Brown, Tracy Lawrence, Trace Adkins, Aaron Tippin and more. Together, this duo has molded into one hot act that is sure to melt the hearts of every listener.Visit them at as well.
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Donna Henley
{ 12-10-2015 18:02 }
friend this is some mighty fine singing here i sure enjoyed my listen here
David Kelly Music
{ 10-29-2015 13:02 }
Totally freaking awesome!~ Harmonies add such wonderful depth to a vocal arrangement, love, love, love it. Peace, Love & Music always and Forever
the ragged edge
{ 12-29-2014 10:05 }
very nice harmonies and awesome sounding band
{ 02-22-2014 11:35 }
Rock stars do live albums. Not bar bands
Allery says:
{ 08-05-2013 22:13 }
Love the name !! You are a beautiful couple. Music is all about life!! Voices are powerful, keep it coming!
K.A.$.H.(keep a strong hustle)
{ 07-20-2013 14:14 }
Nice vocals!! Nice sound!! I dont listen to country a whole lot BUT i do sometimes and i like what i hear
Natahlie says:
{ 05-26-2013 21:36 }
Awww.. what a lovely couple. You both have rich and powerful vocals. I love that you sing with conviction. 5 stars***** for 2 stars.
Shawnee Grove
{ 09-09-2012 15:19 }
You two make a great team! Very nice vocals Jennifer!
Chris Sebby
{ 07-06-2012 14:56 }
555\'s from back if ya dig
Red Feather
{ 06-08-2012 00:55 }
Love It....
Yrral Mallik
{ 03-06-2012 16:10 }
What I'm Leaving For.Beautiful song.Love it.Your SYM Bro.(~;Yrral Mallik of Songramp aka Larry Gordon Killam of Facebook Group Songwriters Unite over 1800 members;~)
{ 02-18-2012 19:48 }
amazing many songs you got, keep up the great work and visit me too
{ 02-18-2012 19:48 }
amazing many songs you got, keep up the great work and visit me too
{ 02-18-2012 19:48 }
amazing many songs you got, keep up the great work and visit me too
xxxxxxx says:
{ 02-09-2012 06:05 }
OK someone didn't like the truth and bump your rating down. I've been there, so lets get it back up with a 5 truth.
Raymond Lee Peltier
{ 02-06-2012 23:30 }
Hello Love Song is truly markable and is definitely rated "5". You have such a beautiful voice and really must be very talented. Sure would love to have you record some of my music. Blessings Always, Raymond
the ragged edge
{ 11-26-2011 07:07 }
vey very good sound you got it going on
Aaron Brook
{ 11-14-2011 18:14 }
You guys sound great! I am back in the industry after a 5 year layoff. I will be on AGT this year!
Trevor James
{ 11-14-2011 05:11 }
great music - keep it going 5 from me, check me out
Paul Germana
{ 10-26-2011 12:49 }
Love track 2 Jennifer. Nicely produced work.
Paul Germana
{ 10-26-2011 12:48 }
Nice work here Ray.
Lanaj says:
{ 10-13-2011 13:25 }
Wow you two make quite a duo. Jennifer you put so much feeling into your vocals and I can just hear you singing some of my songs. Will definitely come to hear your great songs again. Keepin' it country I give you a big '5'. Lanaj/showcaseyourmusic.
Lisa Goodale
{ 05-06-2011 13:10 }
I drop by for another visit 5-4-U!
Leeah D
Leeah D says:
{ 04-24-2011 14:09 }
Cool music 5's
Hearts of Steele
{ 04-22-2011 12:56 }
Just to let everyone know, Jennifer and I (Ray)have been on the road full time with IInd Amendment, please check out our group on facebook, search IInd Amendment, thank you!
{ 04-09-2011 01:16 }
great songs 5 all the way.pls check my page out.
Air Echo Music
{ 09-15-2010 20:16 }
Many Many 55555 for U All!! Always Love Ur Track!! God Bless U! Love Peter
Billy Ross
{ 09-06-2010 01:13 }
Thank you Jennifer and Ray for such great songs and music. What a team! Really enjoyed my visit, will return again soon. Best wishes Billy Ross
Keith Wallace
{ 09-01-2010 19:29 }
Great country sound and the dobro. All 5s and then some. Really good original songs...when you get world famous, can I have your autographs?...keep up the fine work.. I know you will excell...cheers from Canada
Air Echo Music
{ 06-04-2010 00:04 }
Hello Ray I Won't Tell = Very Good Listening Happy sound track!! I love that!! Say hello 2 sisJen! Keep up the good work!! God Bless U + Ur Family!! Love Peter
Jotto says:
{ 05-30-2010 09:25 }
Great Music!!!
DJ Stereo (Music Producer/DJ)
{ 04-08-2010 10:34 }
Let me grant you a high 5 rating. You have a great sound. Keep working your sound, the music industry is a mean area so keep it moving and stay strong.Please check me out as well and comment on my production skills.
Air Echo Music
{ 04-03-2010 11:59 }
HaPpY Easter Sister!! Wish U & Ur Family Happy + Good Health!! God Bless U!! Love Peter
Delete says:
{ 02-20-2010 16:20 }
Hey I was just in the mood for that country feel and you guys have got it. Bet you are a great live act . All good fortune to you. Cheers Dave.
Johnny Ray Buckley
{ 02-09-2010 22:29 }
Awesome sound! Great Job
Jay Cruz
Jay Cruz says:
{ 02-09-2010 14:54 }
great sound..hope you guys make it..godbless you uyz ne your music..5
Caterina Eve
{ 02-06-2010 05:49 }
great sound and great vocals. V5 from me. You must be a real delight live. Let me know when and where you are playing and i'' come down
jay says:
{ 02-04-2010 19:21 }
hey guys sorry for this late reply so busy just an awesome listen god bless xoxoxo jay n thanks for also listening
z says:
{ 01-19-2010 21:53 }
Hi guys, particularly liked For Heavens Sake, good clear sound and vocals all round, and I have given you a 5 vote, David
Bob & Deb Eaton
{ 12-31-2009 18:34 }
Totally enjoyed the listen, guys...married couples doing music together is a rarity(as you probably know)....KUDOS and keep it up! Our very best to you...Bob & Deb:)
Rak Batum
Rak Batum says:
{ 12-26-2009 12:14 }
Nice joints fam...v5...gotta show love...stop by and chk me out
Kicking Saturday
{ 12-26-2009 10:44 }
Happy Kickin' New-Year
Kicking Saturday
{ 12-23-2009 12:12 }
good show happy kicking
No One
{ 12-22-2009 14:37 }
Love your music. Both your voices are great and work together. A real pleasure to listen.
Marc Morlock
{ 12-22-2009 08:04 }
Great Sound ,I love the Vocals
commercial free
{ 12-13-2009 14:26 }
great tunes hope yall have the best oppurtunities
Sweet Serenity- Dawn Van Name
{ 12-06-2009 12:19 }
Great sound, vocals are clear, all around 5v. Keep in touch guys- Wish you the best in the upcoming year
Crazzzy Kurt
{ 12-06-2009 02:37 }
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ...i love your music!! :)) god bless!! and hope you the best of luck. ..... lol .. take the time and listen to the music .. peace Kurt
Moe Gatz
Moe Gatz says:
{ 12-04-2009 19:19 }
Thanks for the love....I hope you get big also..ur music is settled you know..easy..sometimes i like easy
Yung KRIT says:
{ 12-04-2009 00:49 }
jay says:
{ 12-02-2009 18:47 }
a wonderful listen thanks so much for dropping by god bless love jay xoxo
Rene Byrd
Rene Byrd says:
{ 12-02-2009 18:46 }
Thanks for your comments I like your sound all the best Rene Byrd
Airika Productions
{ 12-01-2009 15:25 }
You guys are polished and sure with your music. Obviously a 5 showcase. Just solid in every way ... maybe you'll perform in Denver. We'll be sure to attend. Much success!
Traite Walker
{ 12-01-2009 14:07 }
Many thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Some beautiful songs you have here. I wish you every success. I give you a 5 too
Angie says:
{ 12-01-2009 08:39 }
I thank you so much for stopping by to comment & vote. Means a lot coming from such talent as yours. Too bad that 5 is all that is allowed. But you get mine! Thanks again!!!!
PhatPhut says:
{ 12-01-2009 00:41 }
thank you very much, I just wanted to say that after listening to a few of your songs that your comment meant quite a bit to me. Thank you!...May God bless your musical and life's endeavors...RTP
John Davis
{ 11-30-2009 23:22 }
well me tryed to give a big V5 but it says me allready voted.but annyways you guys are sounding good ther,
Gloria Neal
{ 11-30-2009 21:20 }
Thank you very much for your comment, I listened to your music and it is great it sounds real good I wish you both all the success. My vote is a big 5 Gloria Neal
Mike Melton
{ 11-30-2009 20:07 }
Thanks to a good looking duo with a great future ahead!
Lisa Goodale
{ 11-30-2009 15:44 }
thank you for the comment. Ya'll are awesome, 5 4 U!
3days says:
{ 11-30-2009 12:19 }
Great music ..... 3days
{ 11-30-2009 11:59 }
i like guitar tracks alot, good music 5...
negus roots
{ 11-30-2009 11:45 }
{ 11-30-2009 11:10 }
Thanks so much! A big 55555 for your great showcase too and funky greetings from Rob, Belgium
Miracle Maker
{ 11-30-2009 07:15 }
Thanks for the comments, Nice tunes. Many blessings to you always!
Dash Too
Dash Too says:
{ 11-30-2009 06:23 }
Thank U for Visiting Page, Listened To U Songs, Love UR Story lines. U Both Sang With Passion, and Feeling, I thought most were well arranged, Delivered from The Heart Beautifully, Leaving U a High 5 5 5 from uk and Good Luck.
Jimmy Cempron
{ 11-30-2009 04:13 }
thanks for that wonderful comments...well,i'm fine,thank you...hope both of you are doing fine too...greetings from austria.PEACE & LOVE!!! jimmy
Aretta Hill
{ 11-29-2009 23:45 }
I truly adore your music and stay encouraged ... Aretta Hill 5 all day !
{ 11-29-2009 22:44 }
thanks for the comment you make sweet music as well i rate you 5 back at you
JT says:
{ 11-29-2009 21:42 }
i must admit you have really great music i enjoyed it alot thank u for having such great talent its good to see. i voted u a 5 #201. JT
blank says:
{ 11-29-2009 21:16 }
for heaven sake and with you are great songs i bet your kids are proud...thank u for the support..and god bless you 2
Brushwood says:
{ 11-29-2009 20:50 }
Thanks for dropping by and the cool comment. Wow! Great tunes you have here. Keep up the great work! 5 by 5 here. Peace & Rock-on!
Johnny Flash & The Glittermen
{ 11-29-2009 19:38 }
Very Harmony Sound! Keep up the Good Works! A Big 5 for you! you're now 198 votes! Bless!
Gary O Heaire
{ 11-29-2009 19:17 }
Love the voice and the sound thats 5 from me
{ 11-29-2009 17:11 }
Love is eternal. Especially when it is built by Hearts of steele. Great music. 5 star from us. A&P.
SOL GOLD says:
{ 11-29-2009 16:58 }
Thanks for the support. Your stuff is great! Smooth, clear, and straightforward. Keep it coming!
EDEN says:
{ 11-29-2009 16:22 }
Excelent vocals and music 5 from me
Raynard (Sterling Ray Luciano) Bly
{ 11-29-2009 15:28 }
hello Ray,.. I'm Ray its good to know that all the Ray's I know make great music.
DJ Wheelz
DJ Wheelz says:
{ 11-29-2009 15:26 }
Thanks for passing by. Your guitar play and voice sounds good. Good luck. Salute, DJ Wheelz
Mike Chaney
{ 11-29-2009 15:19 }
Thanks for the feed back. I love your song. A Big 5 YOUR FRIEND MIKE CHANEY SWEET TEA
K.A.$.H.(keep a strong hustle)
{ 11-29-2009 14:48 }
I love the music and the vocals are on point also. thanks for the rating. I give you a 5 and not because u gave me one but because i really like the music. I wish we could mash rap/hip hop with your music to make something different. Let me know.
Red Feather
{ 11-29-2009 14:31 }
Wow very beautiful music and thank you for the comment. You have my blessings of 55555's
Nance Jayne/Njal
{ 11-29-2009 14:02 }
Wow so Is Yours. Wonderful sound and vocals, 5 vote for great songs, vocals and sound excellent. Thank you for your wonderful comment too. God Bless You.
3days says:
{ 11-29-2009 14:00 }
Great music thanks for sharing your talents with the world. 5 always 3days
BillieJo Greene
{ 11-29-2009 13:48 }
Thank you so much.I love both of your voices maybe we will all meet some day. A Big 5 From Me.Good luck
Maurice DAoust
{ 09-28-2009 19:33 }
Wow! Where are all these "AR" guys anyway! You two should be on the charts. Great material, great voices, just plain great duo! Humungous five from me!
Katie Marie
{ 09-28-2009 11:30 }
Sounds great!!! 5 from me! =D
latourfamily says:
{ 06-01-2009 20:56 }
Beautiful lyrics for With You! Best of luck with your singing career and thanks so much again for all your help!!
Kicking Saturday
{ 03-16-2009 20:17 }
Hey Hi 5 to ya,Enjoy my Song from my Recording Studio the more votes might wake up A Record Labe or that A&R Agent kick ya later thanks for kickin' with DD103
MattyDags23 says:
{ 03-12-2009 21:07 }
Not bad, Not bad. im pretty impressed for a dell guy:P jk. This may be the only country music i like. GOO HEARTS OF STEELE!! :) Matt
roger hodder
roger hodder says:
{ 03-12-2009 20:10 }
Just finished listening to some of your songs Ray ,boy u guys are great singers . U make an awesome team.keep up the great work and dont give up on your dream,reach for the stars buddy. GOOD LUCK! ROGER IN GANDER BAY,NEWFOUNDLAND,CANADA.
Ron Ouellette
{ 02-21-2009 09:53 }
perfect vocal mix between your voices and wonderful songs 5 from me
Air Echo Music
{ 12-31-2008 11:42 }
I am in the Far East Let Me do the count down 1st! 3 2 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! WISH U EVERYTHING RUNNING SMOOTH! God Bless U! Love Peter
LANAJ says:
{ 12-27-2008 11:29 }
Loved your showcase, the vocals, all of it and gave you lots of 5's and am adding you to my favorites. SYM artist: LANA
Air Echo Music
{ 12-23-2008 20:49 }
!~~MERRY CHRISTMAS + HAPPY NEW YEAR~~! Lets Pray 4 the Whole World, V all Join Our Hands. 2009 will b Much Better, Human face odd together There V see what is Brotherhood! Silver ahead of Us God Bless You + Your Family! (º.º) Love Peter
Air Echo Music
{ 12-09-2008 20:02 }
Hello Ray + Chloe Very Harmony Music Pg Here! Good Listening! Wish U all Have a Very Happy Merry Christmas! Good Luck and Good Health to U all!! Keep in Touch!! God Bless U and Ur Family!! (º.º) Love Peter
Troy Wayne
{ 12-03-2008 16:13 }
Top shelf ( with you ) is a great song. T.Wayne
Mike Melton
{ 11-05-2008 22:35 }
Dynamic duo,should be next duo of the year! Sounds great! five!
Charlie Brennan
{ 11-03-2008 09:01 }
I have listened to you all before. Had to come back. I just love the you all look fabulous as well. Keep up the hard work. Thanks for looking at my showcase, too. ~Charlie
{ 10-30-2008 05:37 }
Hi. Thought I'd have a listen and am glad I did! My kind of listening material. Keep in touch. Have some more songs on my page now. Cheers.