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Islington [Alt. Rock]

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play loud ............................................
spiner has created the collective which shall be known as TheCircadianRhythmSection. spiner is the only member thus far so he has played all the instruments and sung all the vocals. spiner welcomes you and asks that you mark your visit with a comment. good, bad or ugly, spiner values your thought. p.s. i love to paint.
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Liesa Clark
{ 11-18-2013 15:46 }
Thank you for commenting, & such a nice comment too. You have a unique style & that is always a bonus in my books. \'Wastedsong\' has me tapping my fingers next to my keyboard as it\'s playing. 5 Stars :)
DJ Jabbawokee
{ 06-09-2013 02:43 }
Rock on bro, check out my Rock/Rap track called Pull em Up , heres a 5 for ya talent !
5678go says:
{ 05-27-2013 07:38 }
\"It\'s Nice, It\'s different, It\'s unusual\". Actually, after the initial strangeness of style, compositions reveal accomplished stuff.
spiner says:
{ 05-17-2013 21:02 }
just now re-uploading my material after some virus wiped out all my audio and most of my images.
Buggsy says:
{ 04-01-2013 12:46 }
brilliant fella loving the creativity in your songs its a mix match of awesome bravo
spiner says:
{ 03-23-2013 21:34 }
thanks to everyone who has listened to my music.
Jinx says:
{ 03-09-2013 18:06 }
Thanks so much for your kind comments! I am really digging your music as well. Very cool sound.
EggFooYoung/Dan Albury/Doug Tesluck
{ 03-08-2013 17:42 }
I HEAR YOU , YES THAT IS THE WAY IT IS . MY MAIN SITE IS ON SYM ALSO /7beatstreet try that . you sound great , tribal drums, great vocals and keys enjoyed 5 from us!
{ 12-25-2012 06:14 }
A big 55555 for your great showcase and a lot of icecream fresh from the farm on your table for Christmas! A thankful Rob
Blind Man
{ 09-18-2007 21:25 }
BLESSINGS!!! Blind Man's Orchestra has posted your answer to the question on our page. Thank you for your response. Please review
Blind Man
{ 09-13-2007 21:54 }
B.M.O. thanks you for your comment. We greatly appreciate the energy your music brings especially the last one. Keep up the good work and GOD BLESS
Mind Canary
{ 09-08-2007 20:41 }
the machine creates tom waits, the machine destroys all the answers