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Glenn Roback

[Pop, Dance, Rock]

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The Album Cover for My 3rd Album
I started Singing around age 13 and ever since then I believed my purpose in life was to entertain. I loved writing pop music. I started out in many choruses where I performed in various places like Lincoln Center and Rockefeller Center. I created my first single from home called "Music Is My Girl" in 2001. Later, I graduated Queens College with a Bachelor's in Media Studies but while I was there I hosted a radio show. That was alot of fun. I started making darker music by the end of 2011 but decided to go back to Pop style music. I just missed it too much!
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{ 04-30-2012 22:52 }
Hello How are you? welcome check my new song NEW CIVILIZATION: New Civilization is LOVE CIVILIZATION! JULIANA back to Vancouver Canada after one year in China.
HTP (High Tek Playa) Productions
{ 12-21-2011 05:21 }
5 all the way bro i like your style check me out tell me what you think!
The Format Entertainment
{ 12-21-2011 05:08 }
Thanks for the comment. I like what I'm hearing here also. Keep up the work
{ 12-11-2011 22:21 }
rated you five stars. your doing good! your on point with your vocals! if i may , come alittle more with your emotions, you may be holding back alittle. release the beast within!
Trevor James
{ 12-09-2011 05:27 }
Good showcase - top marks from me - smooth vocals - wishing all the best
STEVEN J (ChicaGo)
{ 06-26-2008 01:05 }
comin through to show R E S P E C T, your musik holds no boundariez, got our S U P P O R T, 5, h i tbak
Leo D
Leo D says:
{ 01-15-2008 11:14 }
Great music!! Rated you a 5
DJ Cap
DJ Cap says:
{ 10-13-2007 17:05 }
Hello there nice effort on that particular showcase, I just stopped by to give you a 5 and wish you all the best with your career.
EJ furore
EJ furore says:
{ 10-13-2007 12:46 }
bro, im not hating but you really need to tune your voice
{ 10-13-2007 05:07 }
Your Song is really sexy and your Vocal i want with singing i love it your Music.You are so sweet
{ 10-13-2007 01:03 }
excellent sounds yo. five is my vote. stop by and tell me what you think When you have the chance, please check out my showcase! Thank You So Much. Juliana
{ 10-13-2007 00:08 }