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Fenni Casino

Seattle, WA [Rap, HipHop, Urban]

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Tha Flow King
  1. Almost Famous
  2. Bell Ring
  3. Comin' Back Ft adrian Simms
  4. Fenni Said
Fenni Casino AKA Da Gambler has been on an unstoppable run since his 2005 mix-tape debut "Industry Ready Mix-tape Vol. 1" featuring Mobb Deep, Mac Dre Alchemist. Selling over 5,000 copies in the Pacific Northwest including Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, Chicago, and Alaska. Fenni has gained and maintained the Support of his home Region. After creating a undeniable buzz in Seattle WA. After a Disappointing Situation with No I.D’s Label Deal with DeF Jam Fenni Casino and his crew GMC (Getting Money Click) released "Ask about Me" featuring Bawdy Guard Mega Man and DJ Roc'Phella core members of his crew.

The 2006 follow up quickly grabbed the attention of Virgin Records West Coast and landed him a spot on the upcoming DJ Mike Lova Mix-tape and Rob the Jeweler's Next Project. Early 2006 Fenni received National press from the Seattle P.I and With Producers like Knoxx ( Ray Cash Pimp in My Own Mind) and Dj Mike Lova ( Mananged by Scott Storch) Boogs, No ID, Illoquint and Dj Don Cannon of the Affileates behind Fenni 100%.
Performing in over 35 different venues all headlining Fenni displays a high energy performance. While Fenni Breezes over tracks with witty lines and clever punches he remains charismatic and demands the listeners' attention with realism. "Being from where I'm from you couldn't rap about it, if you ain't do it" Fenni screams at a recent live performance at a Seattle venue. With Support from Seattle Stations like KCBS 91.3, KUBE 93.93,1620am, and KEXP Fenni Casino has been persistent and consistent with hot music and shows.

Fenni Casino released his third project “C.A.S.I.N.O”
( Cash And Sex Is Never Overrated) early 2007 two weeks after he executive produced another GMC members project “The IntroDuction” put forth by MegaMan. With two hot projects out by the Getting Money Click in early 2007 the movement has only grown! GMC is due for 4 more project before Summer 2007 From BawdyGuard, Akshun, DJ Deniro, Malpractice and Calhoon. The Hard working MC’s is one to show and prove in music and business already well respected by long time Seattle Artist. Opening For artist like Yukmouth and Kanye West Casino shows an advance level of versatility in he music.

With songs like "Almost Famous" which is getting spins on Seattle's 1# hip-hop station KUBE 93 (93.3) it is said that Fenni "Brings a Breath of Fresh Air to the Game".With shows lined up in Las Vegas, Atlanta and Hawaii Fenni stays on his Grind whether its mix-tapes freestyling on air or on the block.
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E-Z Money
E-Z Money says:
{ 03-01-2008 08:00 }
That belt buckle is TIGHT!!! I gave U 5
Jaguar Junnie
{ 10-06-2007 15:18 }
What’s the move? I am feeling what you doin,… you know you git that big five ….“International cross-country yahk!!!” Please believe me "B" "registered “JAGUAR JUNNIE” ask about me young pimp!
Seize says:
{ 05-11-2007 04:55 }
keep doing in dawg fasho, I'm from that 253 good to see cats from WA doing it.
{ 04-08-2007 12:32 }
keep doing u holla back suport my mixtape may 1 it a take over , dynamiteakaflameboy get at me and i will get back that real thanks very much
OSHY says:
{ 03-27-2007 09:20 }
Check My SYM Showcase & Let Me Know What You Think, Thanks 4 Da Support. Buy My CD @ Or Check My Brother's MySpace Page For Further / Upcoming Details Of Myself.
{ 03-26-2007 04:02 }
i droping bye to tell u to keep pushing u have alot of drive . come see me stay updated on my music
Colligus says:
{ 03-21-2007 20:42 }
Colligus's Showcase nj hip hop let me know wut u think. Im feeling ur music IT GET A 5 FRM ME
{ 03-18-2007 13:27 }
am stoping bye to show luv and suport ,come see me !( TWO BRAND NEW SONGS)! if u want to get on my mixtape also let me know ? WITH PRAVITE MEGGAGE
{ 03-14-2007 11:34 }
good work ! always pays off keep your heart in your music .u heard me !,come check me out and dont forget to (vote) ?
II face
II face says:
{ 03-07-2007 15:54 }
i posted some new beats on my page check it out when you get a chance
GS (Gangsta Of The Streets) Records
{ 03-02-2007 16:20 }
What poppin blood I feelin ur shit keep doing u GS(Gangsta Of The Streets)Records fresh outta Noon (Niggas Out Of Norfolk)VA.
L.G. says:
{ 03-01-2007 01:20 }
watz good fam?? get@me so we can talk about dis collab
NoOne says:
{ 02-27-2007 21:38 }
Big shot out 2 U!!! Thanks a bunch...Ms. Kris, dat rap chick!
Tim Madden
{ 02-27-2007 21:34 }
You're invited.
Born Wit It Entertainment LLC
{ 02-27-2007 18:24 }
{ 02-27-2007 18:16 }
i like what your doing.come thru i got beats kash
G.B.Nation/H1.Ent A-Wil A.K.A Slugz
{ 02-27-2007 13:51 }
Holla at YA BOY! I got tracks!
{ 02-27-2007 08:44 }
yo wutup homie check tha page out and holla baq at ur bol BAKIN SODA BIZZ WWW.MYSPACE.COM/PROSPECTSBIZZ
Shalnot says:
{ 02-27-2007 06:31 }
Feeling It..
grimmdawg says:
{ 02-27-2007 00:20 }
yea my nigga dat shit is hott.. i like dat shit keep it bangin playa
Young Grammar aka Tuck9
{ 02-26-2007 23:59 }
Ya shit is fire 4real my cuzin lg told me u like my beats. just holla and i can hook u up. stay up
{ 02-26-2007 22:21 }
yo kid get on my mix cd you hot check my sound kid and vote u get a 5 from me kidd
L.G. says:
{ 02-26-2007 20:59 }
iight fam,u gotta myspace?? u charge for collaboration?? i can get on yo shit, n u can get on my shit
L.G. says:
{ 02-26-2007 20:47 }
datz real hip-hop fam.u gotta bright future,real feelin that.stop thru n peep muh music az well,maybe we can collab. stay up -L.G.
Jose V
Jose V says:
{ 02-26-2007 20:43 }
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1 says:
{ 02-26-2007 20:41 }
Much respect and success as you travel on a road less taken. Keep up the work for the sake of great music. God bless