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Dj Dolly

Wrocław [Techno, Dance, House]

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4.46 Rating | #1135 | 80 Votes | 12772 Views |
This is my photo ;];]
  1. Come spirit ...
  2. Come spirit 2
  3. Give me some more
  4. Make it happen
  5. Once Clear Once Dirty MIX
  6. Pilpobase
  7. See the light
  8. To the rythm
I make music from time to time on my PC. I do that from one year. I like it. But I have small possibility to development. Yet I think that I can do everything if I want :P I hope that you will like my songs. Thank you for comments. Kisses :P :*:*

And I invite for listening to music made by my friend Dj Tomekk ;)
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Jenny Tate
{ 03-30-2013 22:49 }
I gave you 5 stars!!! xo Jenny
{ 02-13-2012 17:56 }
hey, am brandnew on THIS site but quite successful, keep an eye out for our major remix contest and get a chance to have your remix on our next release, keep updated on twitter @KSandraTweetz
Dj-k says:
{ 10-12-2011 08:02 }
yeah i like that trance the way it's banging. u doin good in ur world girl keep up with it
{ 09-02-2010 09:33 }
gave u a five for all that good sure to check me out and vote and gimme yo email in priv mess
hioob says:
{ 04-25-2010 06:59 }
"Give me some more" zawalisty kawałeczek, no i oczywiście twoja uroda mocno uderzająca, Ja oczywiście daję pięknej wrocławiance 5 pozdro z Lublina!
Sacred de Lacrua
{ 03-27-2010 02:24 }
Hi. All that you do is good. I feel you music. Im composer too. 5! Welcom on my sym)))
ING says:
{ 09-03-2009 13:17 }
its pretty good to be fair....;) though I do hear distortion in there...when u mix down the track make sure u have the levels lower and dont peak out....if u want...mix it down lower volume..I will master it and send it back to ya ;)
DJ Droppin
{ 08-24-2009 01:15 }
Wow very talented and very cute to go too. My favorites are See The Light and 2 The Rhythm. I like your melodies very catchy. Look forward to hearing more. -Bass Launch
Conizzle says:
{ 04-07-2009 23:01 }
Awesome beats: 0 I was shocked at how good they were. I gave you a 5. Hit me up if you ever wanna collab.
{ 03-09-2009 15:54 }
nice full-on in ur face tune...bit fast for my taste normally but nice production producer as well!!
DJ  E.R.A.S.E.
{ 03-04-2009 15:24 }
You,ve got some serious good stuff over there i really love the sound some good ferm bass and cool sample,s only thing left to say is a 5 from me and keep up the good work p.s. also check out my showcase and vote back thanx Greetz Dj E.R.A.S.E.
Dj Kaball Producer And Remixer
{ 01-14-2009 10:39 }
Great tunes girl, they really got my feet taping. well produced and compiled. 5 from me!
DJ Stevie B
{ 12-31-2008 00:23 }
yeah, feelin the new stuff too! Good work once again
Kelley Krueger
{ 08-02-2008 10:37 }
I "DIG" that style of yourz ALOT !!! Enjoyed the Soundz !!! If ya' get a chance listen 2 "MetroTechno" !!! (5) Kelley K
MSD says:
{ 07-02-2008 13:35 }
you got a big rate from me! verry dam good! your in my faforite box, MSD
klo says:
{ 05-24-2008 22:13 }
funky tunes .wicked.
{ 05-17-2008 12:26 }
salut Dj girl! c'est super ce que tu fais! Das ist wunderbar! It's extra, I love it! I hope you chance for your futur!
d|- -|b Prozac
{ 03-22-2008 05:53 }
i love your style!!!!!!!! great tracks xD
The Skitz Project
{ 03-18-2008 09:31 }
Sweet tunes :)def a 5.
dj no boundrys _NEW!!!
{ 03-17-2008 18:36 }
5 darlin that music kicks ass i use virtual dj hit my msn if wanna chat bout mixing
DJ Stevie B
{ 02-10-2008 19:21 }
Very well done, you have sum nice sounding tracks there... I have put a new one on my page too! X
{ 01-28-2008 00:37 }
Hi DJ Dolly..WOW, amazing that you did this on a PC..Your music is GREAT. I am just in awe of your ability to create something out of nothing on a computer!!! Leaving you an awesome RATE 5++++ for your good work and ability. SHARON :)
Djologich says:
{ 01-22-2008 08:30 }
hej girl!cool stuff!hot beats,i like it
ezeedj & s.m.c
{ 12-31-2007 09:10 }
yeah hard and heavy just the way i like it nice clear production work to 5 vote and my respect click on my page and let me no.. eezee
{ 12-13-2007 14:54 }
Vote 63 with a big five! Your very talented and your music is great! Come check my music out and tell me what you think. Love Aliyah Marie
{ 10-17-2007 12:03 }
Cool tracks girl. Love the energy (5) Keep it up. Come check me out. Geronimo
Alan L
Alan L says:
{ 10-16-2007 19:30 }
I like what you're doing,stay at it.I'm gonna' give you 5,cause it's deserved.You're good an cute.You'll do great things if you stay focused. Come here my "Go'trac.It's 1 of 6 Genres i'm trying to cover on my site..(vote) It helps. Thanx...
{ 10-13-2007 18:38 }
hi there. nice tracks. I used eJay for a while myself. keep up the good work.
E.K LOUT says:
{ 10-04-2007 06:46 }
DEEP menacing beats your creatin there. 5 for dark throbbin basslines and tight production. Keep up the wicked noize. I really enjojed your tracks. Pezz aka E.K LOUT
Blind Man
{ 09-29-2007 12:55 }
VOTE #55
Blind Man
{ 09-29-2007 12:54 }
We're glad to have come across your site. Really enjoyed listening. Let us know when you upload more. You got a five from us
Kois says:
{ 09-27-2007 06:48 }
hey WOW :-) ! finally a rly good female prod :-) rly tight work, keep tha beat up! 5! /Kois
Josh Bryan
{ 09-20-2007 23:36 }
Omg, you rock, period. Just the total package w/ great tracks.
{ 09-17-2007 01:19 }
deep in the club feeling great tunes maybe we could jam hit back
{ 09-10-2007 21:27 }
My girl I'm impressed. Your tracks are seamless. I liked them all. Can I ask you what equipment, progs' you like to use? Keep it happening ya just never know!
ezeedj & s.m.c
{ 09-08-2007 21:23 }
really good like what your doin cant wait to hear some more... you got my vote5 respect..ezeedj
BLANK says:
{ 09-07-2007 17:50 }
Awesome ! 5555555555 all fucking day. Pay me a visit, check out my shit, and return the favor good looking lady. House On, Peace Out !
C.D.R says:
{ 09-07-2007 08:50 }
heavy beats check mine and let me no what ya think
mc ukingdoug
{ 09-05-2007 20:56 }
wow you are well good keep it up let me know what ya think of mine ?? top 5 rate!!! uking
ultrasound(NEW tracks)
{ 09-02-2007 11:20 }
great beats, kick ass tunes 555555!!!
cyprussphil / anarchy from tha uk...
{ 08-30-2007 11:44 }
haha! nice work sista! u have put together some huge trax! no let up in your nights out, hey! u got the fell for the genre bang on kid! keep the fun in your trax, its cool! peace n luv from manchester, anarchy from tha uk...
John GTR
John GTR says:
{ 08-28-2007 11:23 }
That is great,, I hope your proud because you damn well should be,, Love the songs. Very original.
DJake says:
{ 08-17-2007 16:20 }
WOW...I don't meet too many female are FANTASTIC! I love it!
{ 08-11-2007 13:48 }
Please visit my showcase and vote.I also do rave under RAVERS UNITED.Please vote if you want too, and i promise i'll return the favour by previewing yours when i can.
jack says:
{ 08-11-2007 11:26 }
We need that down at the club here in Lexington. Gave you a 5. Kent Hurley
dj dexter uk
{ 08-02-2007 06:34 }
big tunes sister! keep it up.big 5 from me! respect.dexter
{ 07-30-2007 21:28 }
Tyler German
{ 07-28-2007 15:18 }
Dope traxxx great work im lookin forward to hear some more, by the way, ive just posted some new stuff so please tell me what you think, thanks -Kush-
DJ? says:
{ 07-27-2007 14:24 }
Very good songs... Respect.. Dj?
Upper C
Upper C says:
{ 07-26-2007 17:05 }
yes yes pukka tunes keep it up and could u cum and see mine and leave a comment and send it to lots of your mates thanks Upper C
BowFer says:
{ 07-24-2007 14:51 }
Nice work :)... i must say that im impressed it sounds great keep em comin' 5 from me, hope u would check me out Peace out -BowFer
The Annelidas
{ 07-24-2007 12:21 }
Music is hot like you! Seriously good club tracks or music to energize for whatever reason - this music makes me either clean my house or turn off all the lights and start a rave! Gave you a 5 for production quality
Chocolate Soul
{ 07-17-2007 06:54 }
Not bad for a person who does it from time to time.
Dj TomekK (DeviL)
{ 07-15-2007 10:41 }
Ojjjaaaaaaaaaaaaa Jak ja dawno z Tobą nie gadalem :( stęsknilem siee :( Buziaki :* :* :* :* Odezwij sie wkoncu do mnie paa ;*
{ 07-02-2007 21:32 }
5 na Twoje konto. Five to your account.
4Rest says:
{ 06-29-2007 10:52 }
great great great tracks :D :*
DJ Stereo (Music Producer/DJ)
{ 06-21-2007 15:17 }
Nice!!!!!5ALLDAYLONG!!Nice tracks!We all just need to police this site a little beter than we have been doing. There are some HATERZ on this site, I think they are coming from Youtube, or somewhere.PLEASE EVERYONE VOTE ACCORDINGLY!!!PEACE..........
Dj TomekK (DeviL)
{ 06-19-2007 16:01 }
Hehe chęć do zycia juz dawno stracilem :P a Ojczyny nie kocham :D Przez naszych Kaczor√≥w!! :P Ale dziki skarbie :* :*:* :*:* :*:* :*:* :*:* :*:* :*:* :*:* :*:* :* for U ;*
moSART says:
{ 06-17-2007 23:07 }
hey i really like ur dolly..makes me wanna get up n dance..haha! well u deserve a good rating..n good luck
Dj TomekK (DeviL)
{ 06-17-2007 06:23 }
A to za co?? ;D :*;*:*;*:*;*:*;*:*;*:*;*:*;*
T.C.   -Aka-   Crank-X
{ 06-14-2007 16:04 }
I Can Wait A Couple Days For Sure , Just Let Me NOe When u Got It Done Thnx!!
T.C.   -Aka-   Crank-X
{ 06-14-2007 15:35 }
Hey Whats Up?? Did You Get The Songs I Sent You?? anyways Givin You Anotha 5*****z Keep It Up
Bunker Records
{ 06-14-2007 01:52 }
nice european style respect for poland 5 take care
Sylvia says:
{ 06-13-2007 06:34 }
love the music - you go girl :)
T.C.   -Aka-   Crank-X
{ 06-13-2007 00:25 }
Whats Up??? I mA Big Fan Of Techno, i really like urs so i throwin ya'll 5*****zz uh i been thinkin about tryin to hit it up on a techno trak , swag by check me out , maybe we can talk about gettin me on ona ya'll techno songz HOLLA BAK, much luv peace
Dj TomekK (DeviL)
{ 06-12-2007 17:19 }
No Dziękuje Justynko :* ;* A jednak chcesz to o czym mowilismy xD :P Aj Laff juuu ;* ;* Let's Rock ;D
{ 06-11-2007 21:14 }
Lil Criszzy
{ 06-11-2007 11:51 }
damn gurl ur shit iz tigh u deserve 5 hollar bck
DJ-SLT-UK says:
{ 06-11-2007 10:32 }
Nice music and great creativity Dj Dolly...nice work.Look forward to mixing with you sometime,somewhere.Hope you like my tunes too? All the best....DJ-SLT-UK The True Wizard Of OZ:-)
Dj TomekK (DeviL)
{ 06-11-2007 08:31 }
Come spirit 2 that's in ;D it's very good RMX :) Perfect... :)
Diesel J
{ 06-11-2007 01:15 }
hOt TrAcKs, LoTs Of eNeRgY...
lll says:
{ 06-10-2007 18:58 }
^-^ ejay rulzz
{ 06-10-2007 18:18 }
ja poznac czlek miec bobowy czyn panski praca domowa ja miec azeby;*
Za Dot
Za Dot says:
{ 06-10-2007 13:52 }
hot tracks keep working hard and your music will open dorrs 4 u Za Dot 1...
Dj TomekK (DeviL)
{ 06-09-2007 14:29 }
LadyJ ;* your music is a perfect
Dj TomekK (DeviL)
{ 06-09-2007 10:29 }
The best of the best ;D :* Dolly I and my friend we love you ;* ;* Your music is the best you're the best.... :D Pozdro for all ;) Tez Cię lubie;) \/ xD
{ 06-08-2007 16:19 }
lubie cie
{ 06-07-2007 08:18 }
ali samadi
{ 06-06-2007 22:10 }
very nice music i like your music...good lock
The Lazy Boyz
{ 06-05-2007 12:22 }
thanks for the love, come check out our new track, id like to know what u think ????? good luck with your stuff too
Dj/producer......360 degrees
{ 06-02-2007 08:22 }
love your stuff you gett a 5
Co.AG says:
{ 05-28-2007 11:29 }
this is club sound's love the acid sith in the tracks beautiful and talentid you got it
{ 05-26-2007 10:12 }
nice stuff, we're looking for more unpublished artists to be member of the emf for interesting projects. wanna join? stay in contact
Jing Wu Media Productions
{ 05-25-2007 19:49 }
Bangin tunes - Nice work! One Love - The Yardies
STEVEN J (ChicaGo)
{ 05-21-2007 22:38 }
intelligent and stylish, very rare in musik today, keep at it and stay in the Industry for all the right reazonz, PLUS YOUR INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFULL, 5 ALL DAY LONg for originality, Return the opinion and vote, it matterz to us
Johnny Ray Buckley
{ 05-21-2007 21:35 }
Nice work Dolly. I like the energy in your music. Keep it up. snake
{ 05-20-2007 20:04 }
tight muzic tight holla at da rugget rate thanx
{ 05-20-2007 10:10 }
Hi Dolly!!! Thanks for the listened my work.In the nearest I shall add days new tracks! Evgeny.PROXYMO!!
dj banshee
{ 05-20-2007 09:41 }
i like it...differents and....beautifull(lady) dj... ;)
DJ Wicked
DJ Wicked says:
{ 05-19-2007 06:23 }
WOW!!! Did you really produce this? Great sounds, and I see you as the new Anne Savage... ;) Thanks for your comment, I give you a 5 Dj Dolly! Make shure to listen to my updates..? Big rewarding hug from me! :D
CH'LOE says:
{ 05-17-2007 18:07 }
whats up jus comin to chek you out, sound great plz come and return the favor
E.I.T. says:
{ 05-17-2007 11:17 }
Awesome tracks! how is trance and electronic music favor in poland? i have a good friend in Torun and i might visit him next year and maybe play a show if i could. I give you a high 5 by the way!
{ 05-16-2007 09:59 }
thakns for the you have elctro house tracks that are a bit slower? If so I can drop them at for meorial wkend + im opening for Oscar G on the 7th of june and can drop them there as well..lmk and keep it up!! Lee
{ 05-15-2007 12:15 }
nice check out my demo and give some much needed input
courtney says:
{ 05-15-2007 10:31 }
okay i was bopping to it. great job, would love your feedback
NastyShit says:
{ 05-15-2007 09:51 }
Hey Dolly likin ya style and ya looks a big 5 from 3 NASTY Brits.... x
Terry Kerr
{ 05-15-2007 09:00 } that you ? cool as f... a very big 5 for you keep it up....
Air Echo Music
{ 05-15-2007 08:56 }
Cute! V5!
Savas says:
{ 05-14-2007 04:03 }
Nice music i like it!
The Lazy Boyz
{ 05-08-2007 18:39 }
thats some bangin techno u have there hun