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ali leyton

Hampshire [Easy Listening, Pop, Country]

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"Hi I'm Ali with a penchant for writing easy listening songs. I live in the uk but my head is often in the clouds as I compose whatever springs into my life.

At 13 ali picked up a guitar and two weeks later wrote her first song, a year later she pursuaded her parents to buy her a piano. Then she also taught herself to play keyboards, bass guitar and drums.

After leaving school, she worked at her local theatre learning the ropes with sound, lighting and stage production, and was talent spotted by John Goater who involved with hospital radio. There ali was involved in many radio interviews and gala concerts, appearing along side with Richard Cartridge, Fern Briton and Alan Titchmarsh, which was a valuable learning curve for ali.

ali also had a chance meeting with the American Singer/Songwriter Gerard Kenny in London. Kenny had previously been working with Billy Joel and was writing for Barry Manilow and other artists, Gerard gave ali alot of help and guidance, and also support and encouragement to'keep going' through difficult times.

Ali was also involved in several theatre productions, including Chicago 'Oliver' and was musical director for the stage musical'grease'.

ali has performed at Butlins, Pontins, on blue funnel ferries, pubs and clubs and numerous other venues up and down the country. ali has been especially supported by Paul Miller on BBC Radio Solent and Southern Counties Radio, and appeared on his show several times, ali has also done interviews on various other radio stations throughout the region as well.

Following her divorce after a 15 year marriage sentence!! ali was fortunate to record and be produced by Paul Rutter who prevously had hits with Paul Young.

ali is also enjoying being with her daughter Holly.

Well thanks folks for allowing me to take a few minutes of your time to introduce myself and my music to you....the music in your heart will last forever.

And never can give can give out....but you can never give up!!!
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Double Trouble Music
{ 10-30-2014 03:01 }
Hi! We totally enjoyed your easy style. We write our own music ... all originals ... and appreciate your writing skill, as well as your vocals. Best wishes ... Alan & Di
Ronnie Beahan  Songwriter BMI Nashville
{ 02-21-2012 14:45 }
I love to hear Music POUR out of someone...and It POURS out of you Ali. Thanks for sharing your God given talents. Your new friend R.B.
Sheila K
Sheila K says:
{ 02-21-2012 12:23 }
I loved 'what's forever for'. You have great voice and a wonderful, very listenable style. I'll be back to listen to more :) Sheila
Brenda Guy
{ 02-19-2012 10:59 }
Can't you hear my heart.....nice!! Free flowing sound, enjoyable to listen to. Wish you the best...
Lanaj says:
{ 02-18-2012 23:54 }
Enjoyed your presentation. Very nice listening. Keepin' it country. Lanaj/showcase country artist.
David Lee McKinney
{ 02-18-2012 15:13 }
Smooooth emotion.You're a great storyteller!
Tennessee Larue
{ 02-16-2012 09:47 }
I like the easy feeling your music gives me!!,Tennessee Larue
Trevor James
{ 02-07-2012 07:14 }
nice easy listening style Ali - heres wishing you all the success for the future - 5 from me.
T.Mac. says:
{ 11-22-2007 10:13 }
Very , very , very like Karen Carpenter, lovely songs with awesome beautiful vocals, where the hell you been hiding? I wish you all the very best of luck in what your doing, 5. T.Mac.
Wendy Risoli
{ 09-25-2007 15:21 }
Hi Ali. I like what I hear. Hope you like what you hear too. Wendy Risoli
Southern Touch
{ 08-23-2007 19:25 }
Great vocals and a recommended click for sure..I really enjoyed my visit and a new fan for sure..Big hugs and sunshine kisses from Southern Touch..
Doug York
Doug York says:
{ 06-27-2007 13:13 }
Came back for another listen. You've got such an incredible voice and so pleasant to listen to. What a gift you have.
Dangerous Age
{ 06-15-2007 11:32 }
Great work Ali, a real talent. Keep em coming. A big 5 all the way. Geoff
Cross Road
{ 06-14-2007 16:02 }
I finally found someone who writes songs similar to me. Very nice. Very acoustic. I'm a little partial to acoustic so 54U. Great singing!! Cross Road
{ 06-10-2007 22:44 }
John Davis
{ 06-10-2007 02:49 }
Oh ya I'll kick back and listen a while hear. U 5
Joey Lindly
{ 04-23-2007 01:39 }
you're cool~
{ 04-07-2007 19:58 }
BlackMail ENT. Tha1&Only/Severe..Sho'n sum luv..Sho sum back...U got my vote!
Anne Gomez
{ 04-05-2007 22:37 }
Hi Ali,Your heart is certainly in your music & your Bio's bril...Look forward to chatting in future,Aw ra best,Anne Gomez
Doug York
Doug York says:
{ 04-03-2007 11:37 }
Awesome songs and singing. You sure have a pleasant voice and write really nice songs. I assume you are the writer? I sure like your delivery and your talent shines thru like a diamond. Thanks for sharing your gift.
OSHY says:
{ 04-03-2007 10:38 }
Check My SYM Showcase & Let Me Know What You Think, Thanks 4 Da Support. Buy My CD @ Or Check My Brother's MySpace Page For Further / Upcoming Details Of Myself.
{ 04-02-2007 00:58 }
wats good ! i dig wat u doing , its about suport that why i ask u do suport my mixtape that is coming out ,may 1 , thanks very for your time.
605 Boyz
605 Boyz says:
{ 03-31-2007 23:29 }
What up duu? Diggin' the music. Come holla at and check out what's really good. 605 Boyz outta Sioux Falls, ya dig? Add us if ya feelin' the music.
john says:
{ 03-30-2007 10:11 }
Dearest Ali.......You are amazing and very talented. I am proud and very privilaged to know you. The tracks are great..well done. Love.....John
Fanci says:
{ 03-29-2007 23:36 }
Just stopped in to show support. Nice voice and pleasant sounding tracks. Enjoyed the visit. I wish you the best of luck.
David Slattery
{ 03-29-2007 19:58 }
Wow! VERY VERY BEAUTIFUL SOUND! Voice, production, songwriting, sound quality...TOP NOTCH! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!
E-Band says:
{ 03-29-2007 17:53 }
Really nice stuff - I really enjoy your voice. Clean production too - did you record yourself? Please check me out and let me know what you think - thanks
Sunica Markovic
{ 03-29-2007 11:59 }
I'm stoping by to show you support. Best wishes to you!
DANNA says:
{ 03-28-2007 14:12 }