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Barbara Young

[Christian, Soul, Jazz]

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Me. June 2011.
*Hello there, welcome to my page.
Your comments/feedback /shows of support are most welcome & appreciated.
~ Barb ;)[/color]

*A born, & raised West Coast girl by heart, I moved to Southern MB in the late 90's with my husband Michael. We are happily married, and have 2 great kids, a little girl & boy. I love being their mum, they keep me very busy, but - it's all good!

*I have been singing since I was a young girl. While attending school, besides the required studies, I also threw myself into art/creative writing/ choir / guitar / musical theatre. Yes, my heart has always been in creating music, always attracted to music/ singing & discovering/ seeing many great bands over the years!

*A former hairstylist for many years, (it fulfilled my very creative & sociable nature) - I never forgot my love for singing, and being part of something bigger, something that not only brings joy & hope to myself, but to so many people.

*Basically, I LOVE to SING, especially something I can connect with, that speaks to my heart & resonates with me - whether it be a jazz song, a song about life experiences, or a worship song. There are alot of hurting people in this world, & I'd like to be able to lift people's spirits, to bring hope/ encouragement - through the words of a song that I sing.[/color]

*About the songs on this page:

While I have sung for many years, and LOVE to write, I am new to the process of writing a song. I would like to explore this further, as well as to continue my ongoing development as a vocalist. Thus - the songs you will find on here, are covers of songs I have loved, some for years.

"Crazy for You" - (Madonna). Recorded in a little recording studio at the Vancouver P.N.E. - August '96. Had a blast!
I dedicate this song, to my wonderful husband (and best friend) - Michael.

"Come to Me" - (Bjork).
We changed a few of the lyrics, to make it suitable to sing in church - which we did! We played this for our church, one Sunday morning (May of '96, Vancouver, B.C.) It was inspired by the verse of Matthew 11:28 - "Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy burdened, and I will give you rest."
My husband Michael is playing the bass, and Checo Tohomaso is playing drums (softly) and doing backing vocals. We gave the song a kind of jazzy vibe, I liked how it turned out - we had fun with it.

"Heavenly Father" - (Cheri Keaggy)
Just a song I sang at my former church, one Sunday morning in Vancouver, back in '96. My husband Michael is backing me on the acoustic guitar, and our friend, Karen Kinsoshita (Wood) is accompanying me on the piano. I felt led to sing this song, as my life had become extremely busy around that time - working as a hairstylist full time, serving on the music team at our church, as well as being a member of the VOC Soul Gospel Choir. Some weekends I was going back and forth over the Cambie Street bridge - up to 4 times a day. And my 2 cats who lived with me, they barely saw me. It was time to slow down and say "Hey God, I LOVE you, I NEED you in my life."

"Grow Old with Me" - originally written by the late John Lennon - it's a song that's very dear to my heart, as I sang it to my husband Michael on our wedding day.

*This song was also recorded (last year) as a 50th. wedding anniversary present, for my dear Mum and Dad.
Much thanks to Tim Braun, who did the arranging, backing guitar, and the recording of myself singing, "Grow Old With Me."

"The Paris Match" - written so eloquently by one of my fave singer/songwriters, Paul Weller - is just a song I have loved since I was like 19 years old. Something about the song has always spoken to my heart, captured me. I thought it was time I tackled it vocally!

Much thanks to Cory Alstad, who played the piano on this track. Equal thanks also goes out to D. Bruce Moore (Gracenote Productions).
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Stephen Johnson
{ 09-21-2010 23:04 }
Still sounding fantastic Barb,,,5's as usual, love your songs,, Take Care, Keep up the good work !! :-))
Wendy Risoli
{ 09-21-2010 15:02 }
I just love you soulfully jazzy sound. You have a voice that touched me today. Come on in & see me. Wendy Risoli
Teodora George
{ 10-23-2008 15:41 }
This is such a beautiful music and your voice is so lovely and perfect for it. I am new here too. Are you sitting in a tea house? I collect old teacups. I hope to hear more from you. Here's a 5 for you. God bless!
Barbara Young
{ 10-18-2008 02:42 }
Thankyou Stephen, great to hear from you! Thanks also for your vote, and - I'm happy to be back too! Hope you are well & happy, all the best...
Stephen Johnson
{ 10-17-2008 15:36 }
Nice to have you back Barb,,I love your new song, and the old one,,:-)of cause!!5 votes from me. I am looking forward to more tunes from you . Take Care , and keep in touch, Steve. peace and love.
Barbara Young
{ 10-16-2008 14:09 }
Hey there, thanks for the kind words there! And I agree, hope to squeeze in the time, to figure that process out.... In the meantime, I'll just keep singing! :D
DSS Music
DSS Music says:
{ 10-16-2008 02:51 }
You have a very nice voice and it will be great for you to write your own songs. Hope you find the time but in the meantime just enjoy singing. 5 from us and good luck.