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ArtWhimsically Yours Studio

Chagrin Falls, OH [Folk Rock, Alt. Rock, Pop]

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Just some of my axes
  1. I Am The Voice Of Sanity.
  2. (blank)
  3. 2 Songs- Unhappy Camper& It\'s Just Camping.
  4. A Blueprint of Loneliness.
  5. A Cat Named \"Fly\".
  6. A Dirge For The Lonely.
  7. A truer Portrait Of Two.
  8. Age Is Endless Pages Blowing Closed.
  9. All Life Must Come Undone.
  10. An Old Rocker\'s prayer.
  11. As The Snow Falls.
  12. B U L L I E S ! !
  13. Camelot.
  14. Can We Just Dance?
  15. Can\'t Get Over You.
  16. Castaway.
  17. Celestial Friends.
  18. Chance Encounter.
  19. Circus.
  20. Come Down Girl
  21. Come On Baby, Just One Dance.
  22. Connections
  23. Dear Gods Of Rock-n-Roll Hear My Pleas.
  24. Do You Know how it feels?
  25. Double Trouble !
  26. Ebeneezer Scrooge Revisited !
  27. Empty Place In My heart.
  28. End And Then Begin Again.
  29. Everything Heals With Time.
  30. Exit 72...Just south Of Whatever.
  31. Eye Candy Galore ! !
  32. Finding Your fate.
  33. For Just A Little While
  34. Free To Dance.
  35. Garden Of Delights
  36. Good Old Southern Comfort.
  37. Ha-Bitch-Ual Offender!
  38. High School Sweethearts...Reunion.
  39. Homespun Love.
  40. hurry....Scurry....Never Worry !
  41. I Believe In You, Baby.
  42. I Don\'t Want To Wake Up !
  43. I'm Sitting On That Fence of Love.
  44. Ice Queen.
  45. If Love Was A Full Time Job.
  46. Intense moments
  47. It Starts With.........
  48. It's Time For Some Sweet Boot Scoots.
  49. It\'s All About Hope !
  50. It\'s All So Simple.
  51. It\'s Just A Useless Piece Of paper.
  52. It\'s Just Passages.
  53. It\'s Really Kind Of Mystical
  54. It\'s Time To Pay Your Dues.- a song for a female vocalist.
  55. I\'ll Love You Anyway.
  56. Jackpot ! !
  57. Jealous Eyes.
  58. Just A Man Against A Song.
  59. Just A Thorn Now.
  60. Just A Trilogy.
  61. Just Another Road....Tripped.
  62. Just Another Smoke.....
  63. Just Dreaming For Now.
  64. Just Give Me A reason To Stay.
  65. Just Give Me One More Day
  66. Kissy Face
  67. Left Wondering Why ?
  68. Let\'s Go Crazy Together.
  69. Love Is The Gift We Cherish Most.
  70. Love\'s Anxieties !
  71. Love\'s Teeter-Totter.
  72. Loving You's Like being stuck in an elevator.
  73. Lucifer\'s Testament !
  74. M'enage A Deux.
  75. Make It Your Own.
  76. Memory Lane.....Aisle 2.
  77. Monday Moaning Blues.
  78. Monday Moaning Blues.
  79. Morning Has Broken, Why The Hell Should I Fix It.
  80. Motel 16 And Climbing.
  81. My Dearest Son.
  82. My Love Is Like This Old Clunker.
  83. MY Magical Teddy Bear !!
  84. My Top Billing Is You.
  85. No Reasons For The Seasons.
  86. Nomadic Man.
  87. Ode To My Guitar.
  88. Of Knights And Maidens Scorned.
  89. One Monumental, Unforgettable Moment.
  90. Our Greatest Escape.
  91. Pain Is A Great Motivator.
  92. Portrait of Two.
  93. S L I N K Y !
  94. S P O O N I N G !
  95. Seat Fourteen....Windowside.
  96. Second Fiddle.
  98. Some Mayday ! !
  99. Some Thoughts While Standing At Buddy Holly\'s Tomb.
  100. Somewhere Just Around What
  101. Sorrow Is An Old Friend Of Mine.
  102. Southern Man\'s Wails.
  103. Speed Bump
  104. Spooky Side of Town !
  105. Spoon Fed Rock and Roll
  106. Sultry Eyes.
  107. Summer Epiphany.
  108. Summer Of Love.
  109. Summer's My Girl !
  110. Summer\'s Fading.......
  111. Tangent.
  112. Tasting Tomorrows.
  113. Tear Stains.
  114. Tell Me It\'s Not A Dream.
  115. That's Not What Love's About.
  116. The Beauty And The Bruiser.
  117. The Colors Of Love Bleeding.
  118. The Couch......My Partner.
  119. The Girl I\'ll Never Know.
  120. The Great Spirit Weeps !
  121. The Last man From The Holocaust
  122. The Lock and the Key.
  123. The Magic Seeds-(A Christmas Story)
  124. The Marks Of The beasts.
  125. The Meadow.
  126. The Perfect Girl For Me.
  127. The Returning
  128. The Specter Of Innocence
  129. The Un-Jaded man.
  130. The Voices In Our Heads.
  131. The Witching Hour !
  132. There Ain\'t No Words Or Sunrises.
  133. Those Last 3 letters found In Girlfr-end!
  134. Those Techno Blues-(A funny Song)
  135. True Love Waits.
  136. United Again ?
  137. Unseen The Master\'s Hand Pens Joy
  138. Unseen, The Master\'s Hand Pens Joy.
  139. Wallflowers Without Roots
  140. Wax Museum.
  141. We Are But Kindling
  142. What Good Is Sanity ?
  143. Where Are All Those Lovely Girls From Classic Songs.mp3
  144. Whisper Your love.
  145. Winter Is Fading.
  146. Wish I Could Dance.
  147. Wish I Could Fly.
  148. Wishes And Facts.
  149. You Ain't No Son Of Man....Charles Manson.
  150. You Don't Want To Be A Nobody.-An open song to my son.mp3
  151. You're My Solo Star.
  152. Your My Tropical Isle
  153. Your Velvet Cage.
  154. You\'ll Be My Wonderland !
  155. You\'re My Epiphany.
  156. You\'ve Set Me To Dreaming.
About Me :

White House Artist, Actor, Sculptor, teacher, singer, songwriter, poet, over 450 songs and 4,000 poems so far.

I manage two Dodge ball leagues, play volleyball, roller skate like a madman, and chase fame and have actually snagged its coat tails a few times.

I do voice overs for T.V. and radio commercials, and theater as well. I am looking for a co-writer to polish the music on my works...or anyone who needs tried and true lyrics.

Here is some advice to all aspiring songwriters

There are far greater depths
where one\\\'s soul often sinks,
when the brain cells all starve
and can no longer think,
where a writer too often
is left on the brink,
to abandon the task
and be gone in a blink.

Coining phrases and yet
never gaining coined praise,
penning unpublished works
till the end of their days,
where their reach exceeds any
success they will grasp,
yet they'll still sing unheard songs
with their dying gasp.

The music that calls them
to capture its beauty,
is often illusion bidding
them to their duty
to pen masterpieces
in which they truly believe,
which the masses of listeners
simply fail to perceive.

To work and re-work
a song till it is beaten
always looking for some hook
or note that will sweeten,
the hit that becomes
just a smack in the face,
till their muse comes around
with new songs to embrace.

I know, I have walked down
despairs darkest alleys,
dreams in junked cardboard boxes
where failures are tallied
homeless wraiths near the back doors
of studio rejections,
scarred in red ink that tattoos
their great imperfections.

The first hundred songs you write,
truth be told are just practice,
mostly efforts that'll never be sold,
oh, so many good songwriters
fail to control,
all their screams,
meant as whispers
that pour from their soul.

But my muse is a demon,
a cruel workaholic,
and I'll not be a free man
till I craft what's bucolic,
in the ears of producers
seeking something that rocks
as I fail each exam in their
schools of hard knocks.

So it's back to the sound boards
and my faithful guitar,
like a miner seeking gold
with only dust in his jar,
till the right combination
brings sensations in song,
where each note is important,
and nothing's played worng
then I'll reach that bright stage
where I truly belong.

ArtWhimsically Yours studio
MFB III Productions-(c)-2012[color=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
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Jazzric says:
{ 04-26-2014 18:54 }
Great work Matt. Keep doing your thing you Nomadic man and thanks for the kind words.
Liesa Clark
{ 11-18-2013 15:32 }
Thank you Matt for your comment. Your poem on your bio speaks a thousand words. Never give up what you love doing. I hope you find what you\'re looking for. 5 Stars :)
{ 09-26-2013 13:06 }
vote number 8 here. the sound of your music makes me wonder into a marley mode.thats a good think i love it. come check me out and leave a vote and/or comment thanks
Mission Music / Purpose Life
{ 09-23-2013 10:36 }
Great guitar sounds. I\'m trying to learn how to play the guitar myself.
ArtWhimsically Yours Studio
{ 08-21-2013 23:25 }
The bulk of my music ans lyrics can be found at:
{ 04-30-2013 03:53 }
Thanks so much my dear collegue poet, I\'m flabbergasted! Your showcase leaves me behind bamboozled - 55555! All the luck in the world and a lot of fun too to you!
{ 04-29-2013 07:28 }
Impressive bio, great showcase, a big 55555 to you from this humble minstrel from Belgium!
Marshall Anderson
{ 04-25-2013 21:54 }
Hi. Thank you for about the nicest comment I\'ve ever had. It was also, in itself, a beautiful piece of prose. After listening to several of your songs and reading your page I see you have a GIFT for words. 5 from me. Good luck
Richard Morgan
{ 04-12-2013 11:26 }
Thanks for your kind comment. Good luck with your music too.
John Davis
{ 04-11-2013 01:06 }
thanks Art for droping by and leaving a nice coment. you also have some real nice music hear.its ben 2 or 3 years sinc ive sined into this sight. forgot my passwrds and all them things.
Natahlie says:
{ 04-05-2013 17:47 }
Aww.. thank you for your gracious compliments. I will leep in touch and support your great talent by staying tuned.
Natahlie says:
{ 04-04-2013 21:07 }
Hi there:). You have a nice voice and your music melodies are soothing. I wish you continued success. What a wonderful poem you wrote. I enjoy the recordings they sound as if they were recorded decades ago. Nice classic sound. 5 stars*****. Take care.:)