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Funkyaxe ( Andy )

Cornwall [Soul, Easy Listening, Jazz]

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Hello All

My name is Andy , I\'m 53 and from Newquay, Cornwall , UK
Ive played and sung in various bands locally . Love playing and singing live.
I Play guitar, piano , keyboards, vocals , love composing short varied style pieces of music.

My Musical Goals
None really .........just having fun but love feedback from other musicians as of course we all do.
I\'ll just keep making my own brand of music as long as I\'m enjoying myself.

Aint no sunshine - A version of this great song by my good self recorded in about 1999 at Truro College in Cornwall UK. I am playing guitar, lead guitar, bass, piano, vocals, tambourine and Roland keyboard.

Briney - This one is based on a short childrens story that I never got around to writing for my children when they were young.

Dawn awakening - Played in one take . I had several attempts to record this but you know how it is ..........once that red light is on you feel like your fingers are taped together.......well it happens to me anyway. Hope you like it.

Eyes - A simple little song. The lyrics are not mine but they just happened to fit a tune a was working on. Overall i\'m pleased with the end result.

Fly - An unfinished song, maybe one day ill do something with it.

Funkyjam - This is my first time using my new Boss BR600 digital recorder. Beat came from my sequencer then bass, funky guitar and lead from me.

Guitar ditty - Another simple and pretty laid back tune.

New year chill 2012 - A chilled tune to see the new year in.

Collaboration. This an amazing groove written and played by Mike Huntingford. He kindly allowed anyone to have a stab at adding a lead line to it. This is my rather busy and noisy attempt.
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{ 07-24-2016 15:14 }
very nice 5555555555
Marshall Anderson
{ 04-25-2013 22:17 }
Hi from Nebraska. Really enjoyed your tunes. great arrangements, vocals and I always love hearing another guitar player. Fine musianship. Best luck and 5 from me. Marshall
Charles Kohlberg
{ 12-02-2012 11:38 }
It was really enjoyable spending part of my Sunday mornings listening to all your songs. 5 from me.
Motown Moe
{ 05-20-2012 20:25 }
Enjoying your guitar tracks nice excellent variety of genres and songs.
Helder Rock
{ 03-18-2012 13:18 }
Cool sound, brilliant stuff!!!
Ron Ouellette
{ 02-19-2012 10:13 }
So nice!
z says:
{ 02-18-2012 20:36 }
Hello Andy, I have given you your second 5 vote...your enjoyment comes through. Dawn Awakening is a good and clear recording and I can appreciate what you say, many of my keyboard tracks need several attempts, my fingers freeze!
Series 70
Series 70 says:
{ 01-29-2012 00:32 }
Listening again. Love the synth leads in UP UP UP. Love the clean guitar sound/style you have. Reminds me of Jeff Beck at times. Keep it up.
Series 70
Series 70 says:
{ 01-24-2012 00:41 }
Great music Andy! Your music covers a wide range and all of them are top notch. Your guitar, keyboard and song writing is excellent, enjoyed it all.
Rene Chalet
{ 01-19-2012 19:41 }
Innovative and a good mixture of tasteful music. Great Job!
Bryon Swartout
{ 01-19-2012 13:56 }
Nice showcase! Some really good tunes here. My faves are Eyes, Dawn Awakening, and Summertimes. You use great chord progressions and have superior melodies. Excellent musicianship as well. Well done, you!