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Steven Jackson

Kingston [Pop-Rock, Easy Listening, Folk Rock]

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Steven Jackson
My name is Steven Jackson I am a Singer/Songwriter from Kingston, Ontario, Canada.I have been writing songs for many years and I view the process as a journey. The beauty of songwriting is you never know where it is going to take you. Many roads become explored within the labyrinth of your mind and many emotions are uncovered.

Songwriting is very personal, for me it creates a reason for being on this crazy world; when many things in life don't make sense, writing songs does make sense !.

In terms of my music, I consider the music and lyrics to be equally important. I strive to write lyrics that are relevant to my existence. The words are a vehicle to reach out and touch people, and maybe make you think a little, after all lyric writing is in my opinion, a form of Poetry......."Up above my head there is blue sky, below my feet there is dark, somewhere in the middle there is me, lost in thought".

Please give my music a listen, I think you'll like it.

GOODBYE (To You My Friend) : Music and Lyrics by Steven Jackson

Goodbye to you my friend
I can clearly see the end
There's been laughter
There's been pain
But I would do it all again
Goodbye to you, goodbye

Goodbye to a world so blue
It saddens me what we've done to you
I hear you crying in your pain
I'd like to take it all away
Goodbye to you, goodbye

Goodbye I will close my eyes
Goodbye please do not cry
Don't be sad I'm leaving you
It's the only thing to do
Goodbye to you, goodbye

Goodbye to you my friend
This is feeling like the end
There's been laughter
There's been pain
But I would do it all again
Goodbye to you, goodbye.
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Over the Ocean
{ 05-12-2014 15:24 }
Love it very much 5 ****** from me
Walter W. Comer
{ 04-28-2014 12:02 }
Oh, just finished a couple of, I believe, are on the brink of great!
Walter W. Comer
{ 04-28-2014 11:57 }
Great lyrics, Steven. Very creative, deep and descriptive. Sorry it.took me so long. Doc, etc. keep me pretty busy. If ya know anyone who might wanna work with me, on the musical side, lemme know. Thanks and God bless
Peter Britt
{ 12-03-2011 13:27 }
Love the sound. Very warm and folky. Gave you a solid 5, and thank you for stopping by mine. :) Peter Britt
STRBND1 says:
{ 11-11-2011 11:28 }
{ 06-03-2011 22:03 }
Great music
{ 06-03-2011 16:41 }
Excellent showcase, amazing vocals. A worthy hi 5 and the best of luck. Lynn
Walter W. Comer
{ 05-14-2011 16:49 }
She Walks Makes me think of the transition from the storm, wife #1, to the sunlight kissing my face, wife now & 4evr. Deep, heart felt and descriptive lyrics. Wish I could play guitar like you.:-) God bless.
kezie says:
{ 04-09-2011 15:02 }
great ...5 from me ;-)
Liesa Clark
{ 07-31-2010 06:59 }
Such a nice honest biography, one that I can relate to. You music is excelent & I'm adding you to my favorites.. :)
Peter Lintern
{ 12-16-2009 19:20 }
Liked the sound of your guitar, clear & rich.Your voice sounded a little like Arlo Guthrie to me except you hold a tune better (to my ears)
Moyralyn says:
{ 10-11-2009 10:14 }
HI from a fellow Canuck, Great Tunes, Thank you! You're an inspiration, you got 5 from me :)
Ravi Chandra
{ 09-09-2009 16:48 }
AAhh..I would like to hear more..Ur guitar sounds sweet..I would like to spend much time on your showcase..Thank You..
Alec Steinwall
{ 06-23-2009 13:48 }
Steve, great writing, great performance - captivating and rewarding experience. Thanks for the heartfelt songs. You're far from home but you're never far from Stan Rogers.
helmut "bill"Lepicek
{ 06-18-2009 13:45 }
hey Steven,great music and songs,5 for u..take care
Michael Phillips
{ 05-28-2009 08:17 }
Thanks for the encouraging email. Great tunes and movie you have so a 5 from me. Thanks Mike
{ 01-25-2009 04:32 }
hello good stuff you have on there i was just plyed on the radio up there 101.9fm , giving you a 5 cause you deserve it check out my songs too thanks in advace folkartlullaby
closed says:
{ 12-12-2008 14:45 }
hhey great video and cool song. big 5 on it's way to you
C+F productions  way back when
{ 11-30-2008 12:04 }
hi please forgive my late reply i dont come on hear very much..thankyou for checking out my page and the awesome comment very cool of vote of 5 #73. peace
Mike Melton
{ 11-28-2008 12:38 }
Folk music is an lost art,glad to see you are keeping it alive and well! Good all around! Five from under the border!
keith marsh
{ 11-27-2008 12:03 }
That was relaxing.Cool stuff
3rd REALM says:
{ 11-25-2008 19:00 }
Cool video. Interesting bio. Great vocals and lyrics particularly on "Goodbye" and "Upon the Sea" v5=71
Allery says:
{ 10-23-2008 20:57 }
Such sweet, sweet music. Giving you 5's all the way. Hoping this life treats you kind! Much respect, Allery
Kevin Collins
{ 10-09-2008 15:49 }
Listened to your songs, wonderful job. Your lyrics are very good and your songs have great meaning. I wish you the very best! Kevin Collins
The Council
{ 10-09-2008 15:21 }
Wonderful music, a true singer,songwriter ,was a joy to listen to/peace and fives/chazz
Laura Salamone
{ 09-27-2008 12:56 }
wow, amazing! such beautiful lyrics and voice and guitar playing. i love it. definitely 5 from me. best of luck and thanks for your lovely comment xxxx
Air Echo Music
{ 09-27-2008 12:45 }
Hello How R U.... He He
Air Echo Music
{ 09-12-2008 12:15 }
Hello Steven Impressive Songs Good looking video!! Love the best is A Good Man!! Love ur Guitar work!! Touching vocal! So many good songs here, listen 2 ya all day! Wish u all the best! uV=66, +myV5A=67v! God Bless U + Ur Family!! (º.º) Love Peter
Catherine Ivy
{ 09-02-2008 02:06 }
Double Trouble Music
{ 08-25-2008 17:04 }
Very nice music! I enjoyed the 5 cuts I listened to. "Looking Through A Window" is great! Everything here rates a "5". Nice voice and arrangements! Al
DSS Music
DSS Music says:
{ 08-22-2008 13:45 }
Just came back for another listen and was not disappointed. Just as good as we remembered. Already voted before but would vote again if we could. Every success to you.
IcePulse says:
{ 08-16-2008 16:41 }
Beautiful songs and your vocals are superb. A delight to listen to ! First class playing as well. I've added you to my favourites. Fantastics tunes. A top class 5 from me V#=64
Anne Gomez
{ 08-15-2008 23:29 }
Passin by & thoroughly enjoyed your songs,Cheers, Anne
Lizzie B
Lizzie B says:
{ 08-11-2008 17:02 }
Beautiful vibrato, Great tunes, thanyou for you comments. Lizzie B
Jeni Wallwork
{ 08-01-2008 19:34 }
Hi Steven Love your music! 'Upon the sea' and your video are wonderful. The lyrics are great and I would kill for you beautiful and haunting vibrato! Keep it up and 5's from me! Regards from Tasmania, Oz. Jeni
Tran Ngoc Tuan
{ 07-27-2008 21:39 }
Dear Steven, I feel calm & peace to listen to your songs. How lovely they are!. Tuan
{ 07-25-2008 20:00 }
Hi steven,Thanks for visiting my site and listening to my songs. You've got great songs and a really nice voice.keep up the good work,it's a 5 from me. ps, the guitar playing is top class
Maria Calfa-DePaul
{ 07-25-2008 11:20 }
Hey Steve, Thanks for the great comments! I checked out your site and songs as well and I love the mellow acoustic vibe you have! Very well done and pleased to hear your tunes. Take care, Maria
{ 07-25-2008 02:30 }
Really enjoyed your showcase and slideshow. Well written music and lyrics. Thanks for your comment. 5 from me.
Jon Allen Edwards
{ 07-22-2008 22:37 }
Hey Steve , Thanks for your kind comments and support. Wow Brother, your music reminds me of Seals And Crofts, Very distinct voice, keep up the good work
Denise Vargo
{ 07-22-2008 20:26 }
beautiful music 5's thanks for visiting my site as well God bless you
S says:
{ 07-22-2008 17:07 }
thanks for listening. 5 for you.
Marlan says:
{ 07-22-2008 13:30 }
Great sound. Like the vocals and the lyrics. Rate it a five.
{ 07-11-2008 19:29 }
helmut "bill"Lepicek
{ 07-10-2008 10:02 }
hey Steven...nice voice great songs..5 for u...take care..from quebec..
Eduardo Estevez
{ 07-01-2008 15:20 }
Yhanks Steven for your visit to my showcase, i love yor video and your songs, 5 for your work, keep in touch, Eduardo
Renna Zetha
{ 07-01-2008 01:56 }
hi, i like your style of music! im giving you a 5 for that and thanks for the comment by the way.
Michael Cornett
{ 06-30-2008 20:49 }
I enjoyed your balladeer folk style of songwriting and presentation. Great stuff !!!
Loren Dean
{ 06-30-2008 15:00 }
I like the authentic feel of this music, wild and rolling, and wet. The bass wobbles like an old ship. Music should take us to a place, it's the nobel tradition of Sea Ballad. All I wanted was a mug of grog to complete the effect. FIVE
Jimmy Price
{ 06-28-2008 20:13 }
thanks so much for your comment!! You sound good yourself! Keep up the good work!
{ 06-28-2008 12:21 }
hi.i love tha fretless bass.spooky kind of song.great job
Nexther List
{ 06-27-2008 12:17 }
Thanks a lot for visit me and for your nice comment. Your tunes it remember me just the best times of Crowded House. Congrats ;) Peace
BAMBI says:
{ 06-26-2008 17:22 }
thanks for your comment! I think you are a sweet songwriter...all the best my friend~
James McLauchlan
{ 06-26-2008 15:56 }
Hey thanks for the comments. Your tracks sound great as well. I really like your guitar sound, and as you say, melody is important and you've got some great ones. Cheers, James
Rachel Brooks
{ 06-26-2008 15:17 }
Thank you for your comments. Great songwriting talent you have - keep writing from the heart - those are always the best songs!
National Road
{ 06-25-2008 11:03 }
SJ Thanks for the visit and kind words. I like your music--sounds like a cool mix of Ian Tyson, Gordon Lightfoot, and Cat Stevens. Gave ya a fiver. NR
{ 06-24-2008 07:57 }
Dave PerMar
{ 06-22-2008 23:07 }
Thanks for the encouragement and advice. I really appreciate your input. Your music is awesome, man! Dave
Darren Jenkins
{ 06-22-2008 20:55 }
steven first of all thanks for the comments very good at what you do yourself five back at ya take care keep up the good work regards Darren jenkins
Michael Phillips
{ 06-22-2008 14:46 }
Thanks for your encouragement it is much appreciated. I have really enjoyed your music you voice can jump and octave effortlessly which is a beautiful sound. A 5 from me keep in touch mike.
Brian Condrey
{ 06-22-2008 14:12 }
Hi Great feel to your music. Best wishes for the future, Thanks for the look. Your input is appreciated,
A Cup Of Joe
{ 06-22-2008 09:33 }
You are a very talented artist keep writing those great tunes Joey Ray Thx for your comment
Nance Jayne/Njal
{ 06-21-2008 15:31 }
Thank you Steven, your songs are great and you are very talented, and I love your voice too, and all of your songs. Keep in touch. Bless You Steven
Dennis Flowers
{ 06-21-2008 10:31 }
Thanks for stoppin' by and visiting my SYM. I love what I'm hearing and I feel the passion in your music too. Great gift that you have and much success. Keep in touch. 5's from me to you.
Broanna Leigh
{ 06-20-2008 02:19 }
you got a 5 from me,good luck with your music career, lisa x
Tim Dunn
Tim Dunn says:
{ 06-16-2008 18:10 }
Well Steve, what a sweet sound you make. Love that cool guitar. There was a man that you can be compared to, a little known artist by the name of John Denver!!!. You get a definite 5
TomTatum says:
{ 06-16-2008 04:28 }
Five Stars for the very talented folk songwriter/performer. I especially enjoyed the video, but all of your songs hit home. Great work!
Richard Murray
{ 06-15-2008 15:34 }
Best voice I think I've heard on this site..Yes you do have great melody and lyric content...5 to you RM
Tony Eubanks
{ 06-12-2008 19:39 }
Great songs Steven! Your lyrics are meaningful and I really enjoyed listening to each song. Love your rhythm guitar as well. Great Showcase! 555 from me! tone
Jozua K.
Jozua K. says:
{ 06-12-2008 11:50 }
Chaka....Everything here is Complete. LUV your Sounds. LUV your Songs. Well done and give you...V=Peace + Vote=55555. (Jozua K.)
David Kelly Music
{ 06-11-2008 23:13 }
Steven, Thank you, you are a wonderful contribution to the Universal language of "Music" The Guitar, the lyric, real, all 10s for musical expression, well 5s will have to do. Peace, Music, and Beautiful Women, David Kelly
Alexis Thompson
{ 06-10-2008 08:15 }
Hey man, thanks so much for the wonderful comment!!! You have some pretty cool music here, as well. :-)
Graham Moore
{ 06-10-2008 07:28 }
Wow I'm so glad you invited me to view your showcase! You have a wonderful professional talent. Your voice and songwriting skills are fantastic. I detect a hint of Simon and Garfunkel about them. Loved your profile and your video too. A big 5 from me!
{ 06-09-2008 11:44 }
WOW, Well what can I say, as a songwriter and artist myself, STUNNING! You have a stunning voice and your songs are wonderful. Keep up the great work. A deserved 5 from me
Stephen Johnson
{ 06-09-2008 09:15 }
What a song writer!!! Steve, i enjoyed your music from start to end, 555's from me to you,,Good luck in all you do,,, rate my showcase please,, :-)
Cowardice says:
{ 06-09-2008 07:18 }
Hello! Thanks for checking 0ut my site. You have an amazing voice - really suits your style of music and portrays emotion. The video is also excellent - a much deserved 5 for you and the very best of luck
Sonja Perenda
{ 06-08-2008 14:45 }
Dear Steven! Thanks for the support - I gave you a well-deserved 5 too. Please keep up the amazing work! Take care Sonja
sarahdunn says:
{ 06-07-2008 17:05 }
Hi! Your music is so beautiful and unique. You have a wonderful talent! I appreciate your positive response to my music as well.. and I downloaded another one today as per request. The best of wishes and God bless. Sarah Dunn
delete this account, this whole thing sucks
hello, thank you very much! 5 s well, greetings..marek
delete this account, this whole thing sucks
hello, thank you very much! 5 s well, greetings..marek
Craig Allen McWhorter
{ 06-06-2008 23:03 }
Great tunes bro,,,,,Awesome songwriting. You got what it takes for sure,,Onwards and Upwards,,,,Keep in touch,,Craig
Tim Williams
{ 06-06-2008 08:06 }
Very Good! Great voice! Get a chance check out my showcase! I give you a 5
Peter Habets
{ 06-06-2008 07:42 }
hey! Good songs, like the sound of your voice! Peter
Six Strings and a Piece of Wood
{ 06-06-2008 06:50 }
Thnx very nuch...and..Like that soft sound of guitar...and sure,every song like world...story of real life... really like that... Go on! 5
{ 06-06-2008 03:36 }
Cracking rich melody good vocals an lyrics. I think we come from the same musical/lyrical gene pool. Thanks for your comments and a mutual 5.
Col. Joe Austin (M.I.A. Vietnam Hero)
{ 06-06-2008 02:13 }
Oh My Goodness!ThatVideo"OnTheSea"GaveMEMajorGoose Bumps!ILovedIT&ILovedTheReflectiveSettingSunLightIn ThatPoolOfWater!Man!YouSureCanSing&IHaven'tEven ListenedToTheOtherSongsYet??5555OnVideoAlone FromME!
The Whiteakers
{ 06-05-2008 22:32 }
First class! Vocaly and lyricaly. 5 all the way. Thanks for checking us out, Van.
Tamala Baldwin
{ 06-05-2008 20:18 }
i really enjoy your music... a lot! soothing and such story-telling lyrics.... we should do a gig together if you're ever in san diego... :) best of luck
Oranges says:
{ 06-05-2008 08:33 }
Hi steve, by the way thanks for rating us. Is's a important piont to us to make another songs..I have learned you music, probably i like your voice, it's so soft for me, and your song can touch my deepest heart...5 from me guys!!!
Broanna Leigh
{ 06-05-2008 08:03 }
hi,just stopped by to say great work.wishing you all the best for the future a big 5 from me lisa x
Dave Wayne
{ 06-04-2008 16:34 }
good songs dude , nice chilled ans easy listening stuff. keep up the great work.
Lost Gaurdians
{ 06-04-2008 01:05 }
Thanx for your support Steven,your genre is very unique,and the vocals are great,also great chord progressions. keep up the good work,heres a 5 my friend!
the frinks
{ 06-03-2008 18:53 }
i like the songs, the type of thing i can relax to, a five from me
kezie says:
{ 06-03-2008 18:34 }
wow love your voice and music,all the best in what you do,Kez x
kezie says:
{ 06-03-2008 18:31 }
wow love your voice and music,all the best in what you do,Kez x
Out of Quebec
{ 06-03-2008 17:39 }
A beautiful voice and tracks that really take a hold of you. Simply great! Nothing but a hi 5 /OUQ
LANAJ says:
{ 06-02-2008 22:22 }
Great lyrics and vocals....and music I would come back to listen to as is very pleasant. Again thanks again for your kind words about my music. Lana Sprague/SYM
Free Keys
Free Keys says:
{ 06-02-2008 09:11 }
hey mate! thanks for the comment and the vote! sorry my internet is really slow right now but I'll be back to listen to your music tommorow! cheers
Free Keys
Free Keys says:
{ 06-02-2008 09:08 }
hey mate! thanks for the comment and the vote! sorry my internet is really slow right now but I'll be back to listen to your music tommorow! cheers
JG says:
{ 06-01-2008 17:28 }
Thanks! You have a clean yet haunting feel to your voice, I like it alot.