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Blue Diamond

[Alt. Rock, Pop-Rock]

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blue diamond
"No man has a good enough memory to make a successful liar." ~Abraham Lincoln [/color]

I like a very wide variety of music styles so try me. if I like your stuff I will definately vote and write. If you don't want to vote and I leave comment vote for you, that's cool too. Do not feel the need to return one.

I play harmonica (harp), lead/rhythm guitar, bass, keyboard, program some of the drum beats and...try to sing :)

Most songs are a little different from each other to some degree so skip thru if you have time. And if you hate 'em all, well sorry : ) PEACE![/color]
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Natahlie says:
{ 05-13-2013 12:15 }
Great vocals and unique sound. Much success!
PhatPhut says:
{ 04-15-2013 20:00 }
New music posted....Stop By. RTP ~ Stevie
Jenny Tate
{ 03-30-2013 22:51 }
I gave you 5 stars!!! xo Jenny
Flock of Nerds
{ 02-23-2013 11:45 }
Been so long but coming back to listen to your music is always a great time! Hope you\'re doing well and you\'re still making rockin music!! Cya around - Flock of Nerds
King Benj-I
{ 12-26-2012 19:12 }
{ 11-06-2012 19:33 }
i like ur music kev-eighteen
Chris Sebby
{ 01-06-2012 17:54 }
cool 5555's here...return the vote if you dig my tunes too K. never stop.
VoxRep2 says:
{ 08-01-2011 10:05 }
Hey check out the new music competition for a chance to win a recording contract plus $20,000 cash
{ 06-24-2011 07:33 }
Nice stuff. Enjoying my listen! Creative blessings, Annushka
{ 04-09-2011 14:10 }
Good show, great sounds :)
djM [Promoter]
{ 03-10-2011 17:37 }
=) nice showcase! ♥ la SOPA
Shayne Reynolds
{ 02-16-2011 08:36 }
Hey Blue .. great job with your music ...5 all the way :)... im to songwriting so plz check me out too and give your comments :) thanks !!
{ 02-06-2011 09:13 }
great music and lyrics with smooth vocals. High 5 from Lynn
{ 01-16-2011 21:03 }
{ 01-12-2011 17:13 }
Hi Blue Diamond ; Pls Look In At hope To See U There Soon ;
{ 01-12-2011 17:13 }
Hi Blue Diamond ; Pls Look In At hope To See U There Soon ;
Austn says:
{ 11-27-2010 15:45 }
Ndie/Alternative creative POP vibes you've un leashed on this site...very creative attitude music you've displayed on here...~Austn
{ 09-14-2010 18:21 }
Your tracks have a great vibe about them, well written!!! Where are u from? Keep rockin , sounds good!5.......................DFLIGHT
Dash Too
Dash Too says:
{ 07-08-2010 07:27 }
looking in again on UR Great Songs & Music leaving 5 for v106;
Rick Rock
Rick Rock says:
{ 05-31-2010 15:00 }
Fabulous...i am very impressed with your songs vocals and production! Very fresh material!
Delete says:
{ 05-22-2010 18:11 }
My kinda music well sung,structured and produced.Great tunes!! I'll be back. Cheers from Dave & a V5 for your efforts
smiiffy says:
{ 05-19-2010 12:03 }
lovin ur tunes your blessed ! comment and rate me o and by the way here is your 5 star :)
velveteen rabbit
{ 05-15-2010 21:16 }
:) nice
R3in says:
{ 05-15-2010 10:24 }
thnx more music should be out soon
SKEI says:
{ 05-07-2010 07:16 }
So amazed by your music and your voice!! Thank you for sharing your great work here!! I really enjoyed it all! 5!!!!!!
R3in says:
{ 04-29-2010 10:18 }
great music you have up really enjoyed it keep up the great work ..voted 5
Flock of Nerds
{ 04-29-2010 00:22 }
Dropping by to say hi!!!! How have you been BD? As always, enjoy your songs you have here!! I've posted some new stuff recently. See you around! ^_^
Seija says:
{ 04-01-2010 07:29 }
Thank-you for such an amazing showcase that shines with talent, passion and down-right good music! I enjoyed it all very much. 5 Rating Approved! - DJseija from Portugal
Roofy says:
{ 03-05-2010 16:50 }
oh yeah, your pics are totally catchy also!
Roofy says:
{ 03-05-2010 16:49 }
very tight tracks! your vocal are top knotch and produced very well! lemme know when you post more or if u have another site with other trks on it. 5's!
Rak Batum
Rak Batum says:
{ 01-17-2010 21:29 }
Nice tracks fam...v5...gota show love...get at me and let me know what you think
{ 01-05-2010 13:26 }
55555 for your great showcase from Rob, Belgium
Kicking Saturday
{ 12-14-2009 13:56 }
i would like to try to make a song one this first track let me know i could do a remix but will keep the sample music as well
Kicking Saturday
{ 12-14-2009 13:52 }
lets make a song together hi5
{ 11-08-2009 16:42 }
Just 1 word : Wow!!! Would like to give you a 6 but this doesn't work.
{ 10-28-2009 06:02 }
thanks for stopping by and leaving very uplifting comments. had a listen to some of UR Tracks, UR a very versatile musician, with a voice that rings out in the top range,with some intricate guitar Playing. Leaving U a High 5 rating from uk.
gone says:
{ 10-27-2009 04:22 }
Your too kind my man .The range of your music is great lots of styles and the bio says you try to sing but believe me the vocals are great .Hope your making some money from your music coz you should be .Its great stuff
Cherie Rivero
{ 10-18-2009 16:46 }
Love your music and the lyrics too. Very meaningful or am I putting my thoughts onto your song :) Cool if so. Here's a 5 from me. All the best. Keep up the good work. Cherie :)
Bruce Lindsay
{ 10-11-2009 22:36 }
Very smart use of space in the lyrics. Catchy tunes that I think people would listen to over and over. Well done!
Rick Rock
Rick Rock says:
{ 10-01-2009 14:26 }
Hey, thanks for the kind words and the link...your song I AM is a HIT!!! Radio friendly to the MAX! 5 rating for sure! and dont fool yourself...very catchy and marketable voice!
Maurice DAoust
{ 09-28-2009 19:42 }
Original, great vocals, great instumentation, wonderful lyrics. How anyone could have voted you less than five is absolutely beyond me! You got a very big five from me. Good luck.
Lyrisis says:
{ 09-27-2009 10:16 }
NICE music,different sound and i likes,5STARS,check me out
PhatPhut says:
{ 09-27-2009 01:57 }
I REALLY enjoyed "GIVE" ..nice eclectic choice of song styles and some good arranging..You should produce and Market "Give" in my opinion. High 5....Keep on pickin'.....Stop by and check me out, I'd love to hear your comments....RTP
Bob & Deb Eaton
{ 09-21-2009 11:02 }
I enjoyed your songs, very good guitar work and interesting arrangements! I would like to hear "Heavy is the Heart" with the same production quality you have for "Not Trying To Be Fine." Nice work all around!! - Bob
FRITZ says:
{ 09-21-2009 05:38 }
Mate, thank you so much for your great comment. I really like what you are doing with your music. I don't hate it I love it so it's 5's straight back at you. Cheers
Rebekah Janell
{ 09-08-2009 21:34 }
Love the passion, the guitar licks and the songwriting skills. Best wishes to you.
HARMONY oliver
{ 09-03-2009 11:29 }
Amazing lyrics and vocals
peter kelynack
{ 09-03-2009 04:33 }
Love your music, reminds me a bit of Fleetwood Mac which is a good thing and i hope you go far.Of course i'm giving you 5 in return, thanks for the comments on my site, if we can make 1 person happy it's all worth it. Cheers.
Kemar British aka Dureck
{ 08-31-2009 14:06 }
Love the sound keep the music flowing 5 all day long come check out my showcase and vote. Also keep a look out for my first album the rise of Kamar. Also check the web site and if you have the time sign the guest book
Patrick F. Instrumentals
{ 08-30-2009 04:34 }
hello blue diamond... great sound, great songs! five from me and greetings from germany
Joe Gande
Joe Gande says:
{ 08-04-2009 00:49 }
Hey Matt, Great to meet you here man... Thank you for listening and for the awesome comment!It really means alot.Enjoying your tracks here...great songs and guitar work! Peace, Joe
Rickabilly Rock
{ 07-31-2009 10:09 }
I love the rhythm guitar on To Blind...your songs have a soul...I can always feel it when music and words come straight from the heart..and I felt it big time listening to your songs..super high 5..great work...
Realm of Soularis
{ 07-29-2009 17:22 }
I've posted a new song "Myths" (demo) ~let me know what you think~ Thanks!! ~RoS~
Jimi Staggs
{ 07-19-2009 17:07 }
Checkout my new song "The Untrusted"
No One Cares
{ 07-19-2009 00:12 }
Thanks for the kind words.....really makes a person feel good. Keep up the great work... Emery
No One Cares
{ 07-17-2009 22:54 }
Love the music and beat....great sound.....Five's to You..... Love to see what you think of my demo's.... Peace,Emery
Ron Wess MusaQ! ElectroniQ MUSAQ!
{ 07-16-2009 11:56 }
keep doing U,good stuff here!like the sound and style, good originality!give ya 5 fo sho! get at me new track"In My Darkest Hour You Are There..."(Unity Clan Remix)& "I Can't Help It"Remix Enjoy PEACELOVE&GODBLESS! RON WESS MUSAQ
velveteen rabbit
{ 07-14-2009 12:11 }
i dig this :) high five
Realm of Soularis
{ 07-11-2009 23:38 }
after listening to all your songs, i cannot understand why you are not #1 on SYM. great music, lyrics and the whole package! come by sometime!
Flock of Nerds
{ 07-05-2009 17:39 }
I hope u had a fun yet relaxing vacation ~_^ well, its now a new record stayin on the top 5 this long hehe. But bein in the top 5 with u is awesome, because ur music is so much better than ours =)
{ 07-03-2009 01:13 }
Great stuff on here!!! Man, isn't music so freeing Keep up the great work!!! 5..............DFLIGHT
Sweet Serenity- Dawn Van Name
{ 06-27-2009 21:49 }
Great compositions! It reminds of one of my favorite classic bands "Bread" 5v
Wooly Master
{ 06-25-2009 20:02 }
Crisp and clean sound. Enjoyed.
DJ Stevie B
{ 06-24-2009 10:53 }
yeah, u guys sure do know how to rock out... lovin' the guitar work... very cool!!!
King Benj-I
{ 06-18-2009 19:47 }
Hot showcase,i give 5 on it
Flock of Nerds
{ 06-18-2009 07:56 }
Ur too cool, u know that? =P Guess we're even, didnt know we never gave u a vote either, till now. well, #68 is a 5 from us & u deserve it cause u have amazing lyrics, music & passion!! =) keep in touch, please! and STAY IN THE TOP 5!! =P
{ 06-16-2009 10:00 }
No One
{ 06-16-2009 03:00 }
I'm just poking around and came across you here. Love your bio. Made me chuckle. Your music has a lot to offer and I like what I hear. Hey...I'll get over to your "myspace" page. Just you me and Tom. lol. I bet you got a lot of fans. Your music is good.
Dan Clepper
{ 06-16-2009 01:39 }
*Always Dig Your Stuff..! Sounding Better Than Ever..! Take Care...5 DC Vocals Sound Great!
Traveling Minstrels
{ 06-14-2009 07:18 }
Excelent all round we liked it so much we vote twice 10 all day and Johnny Cash was for evryone thanks for the comment check out our new vid Again & Again
Brotha T aka Tyga Ty
{ 06-13-2009 04:42 }
man ur sound is really good brah. good work. ~5~ ya brotha t all love always
{ 06-10-2009 11:23 }
Just stopping by for support,,,check out my newest tunes, "The Twelve Gates of Less Stress," before release. BigAJB/DN'BS RECORDS.
olly joseph
{ 06-08-2009 05:24 }
Hi there Matt,great music with lots of energy and passion.Liked the production.Easy 5.olly
{ 06-05-2009 09:05 }
nice! great job!...give u a 5 rate!!
geolee says:
{ 05-31-2009 18:51 }
theyre right man, you are very very good, and positive too so no doubt you will get success, if you were my neighbour we would no doubt be able to compromise some good jamz. Give u a five.
1989TRE says:
{ 05-31-2009 16:55 }
Just dropping by ur page to show you and your music some luv!!!!! Keep doing your thing Come back by mine and let me know what you think -TRE-
Shimmer says:
{ 05-22-2009 14:44 }
Very impressed with your lyrics! You have a lot of talent!
The Council
{ 05-17-2009 08:11 }
Great writing and performance, a classic mix of genre in your writing style , well done , a well deserved five to boot/chazz...........v5
velveteen rabbit
{ 05-16-2009 15:46 }
nice production great sound. :) glad i found you.. sandy highfive hopkins
{ 05-14-2009 23:15 }
wow,,,that was sure your not a celeb already! original refreshing what a sound ....great stuff here 5
GOODBOY/ Mndbp.ListenHear
{ 05-13-2009 15:24 }
wat up fam just coming through to check u out and when u get a chance come check me out
NuNu Do
NuNu Do says:
{ 05-13-2009 12:16 }
You've got some reaaly good music going on over here !! Keep doin what you do & 5 from me !! ~~NuNu~~
JT says:
{ 05-13-2009 11:47 }
what up...UR music hott for real vote ya 5... holla back... peace JT
Mr.clasic says:
{ 05-12-2009 19:50 }
fillin tha music red hot keep it up 5 all day
{ 05-10-2009 22:27 }
keep up the good work.. i voted a 5..
oldtimers(music uploaded!!)
{ 05-10-2009 22:07 }
wicked tunes bro great lyrics to 555.
Geezy Da Phantom
{ 05-08-2009 19:34 }
the music is hot.....nice vibe to it..... god bless.... (check my music out i promise you gonna like it)
{ 05-05-2009 21:09 }
Great sounds – I hear John Cougar, The WHO, & a touch of Tom Petty. Very creative lyrics! Excellent Big 5+
mental Invasion
{ 05-05-2009 09:41 }
nice music tight grooves 5 all day from me to you keep makin good music
Traveling Minstrels
{ 04-13-2009 01:56 }
cool very good lots of fun 5 from us all the time
{ 04-12-2009 13:54 }
Hi, man, stopping by I found sheer life is rising from your tracks. Excellent work and very inventive aproach - 555 without hesitation.
Tracy Mae
Tracy Mae says:
{ 04-10-2009 15:46 }
Thanks so much for your encouragement! I appreciate it. I enjoyed your profile and your music too. Gave you a 5! Tracymae
The Bruce of Windsor Project
{ 04-07-2009 20:18 }
Gave your band a 5 as I like your sound & lyrics. Stay focused on writing new stuff. The public opinion is fickle and many a talented writer goes unnoticed. That is why you must write from the heart and for personal satisfaction. Peace
Culture of Sound
{ 04-07-2009 19:06 }
Very cool, nothing bad to say you just need a break. I'll keep watching. Mya
Pytaro says:
{ 04-06-2009 08:21 }
Hi there and thanks for visiting me again, I'm glad that you enjoy my music. The best to you always. Cheers from Montreal.
Nokes says:
{ 04-04-2009 21:18 }
i love the reggae feel bro. the music is very soulful. it is amazing. i relate to the lyrics very much. 5 from me all the way. peace and love
Leaf James
{ 03-31-2009 15:50 }
The Bruce of Windsor Project
{ 03-30-2009 22:28 }
Thanks for the rave revue as it is truly appreciated. I listened to your music and like what you are doing. Remember that you play and produce music 1st and foremost because you love it. The public is fickle and there is no rhyme or reason.
Plasma Atmosphere
{ 03-30-2009 12:05 }
Nice jams. Track one is cool with the raggae sound and I like the acoustics as well. Very nice music. 5 from me friend and good luck.
Guy Leroux
{ 03-30-2009 08:16 }
Thanks "Blue Diamond" Heart and Mind, is my favorite, but I still like the others for sure... HI 5 for you guys, nice pics... Guy