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Drivin' Blind

Williamston, SC [Country Rock, Blues, Rock & Roll]

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Lonnie and Angela
  1. Jump and Shout
  2. TORN
Right now, as of Feb. 3, 2009 our band, Drivin' Blind consists of just 2 people. Angela Fulbright-40 yrs. old-lead singer and keyboards, and Lonnie Riddle-42 yrs. old-lead guitarist. We are currently in search of a new drummer and bass player as we lost ours last year. We also would not mind finding another guitarist as well to play rhythm. We are from Greenville, SC and we write all of our own music that ranges from blues, country rock to straight rock 'n' roll. Lonnie has been playing guitar since the age of 14 and is a great musician. He can play bass and drums as well. He is a very multi-talented musician. Angela sings, writes, plays keyboards and can play just a little guitar, bass and drums as well. We are always very excited about our music and hope that everyone who visits us gets excited about it too!!!![/color]

Please leave a rating for us and let us know if you like our music. We have just joined and will be adding new songs over the next few days. So, please check back. Rating is as follows: 1=bad...5=great/one vote counts for all. Thanks so much for your time. Feel free to leave us a comment and we will get back with you. Peace and Love. Lonnie and Angela

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Alec Steinwall
{ 09-14-2009 19:56 }
Hey guys, really great job. Loved both tunes - they were a nice contrast. Great guitar work on Torn, and wonderful, gutsy vocals throughout. Look forward to hearing more when you post them. Keep rockin'. Alec
Ron Simons
{ 05-04-2009 14:00 }
Hey Guys ! Sounds GREAT ! you need to post more songs ! Giving you a 5 all the way ! Check mine out sometime, appreciate it !!
Mike Melton
{ 04-20-2009 23:51 }
There's a rock in tha country! Now that's kicking up some dust,love ya sound.Here's a five from another Carolina kid!
jay says:
{ 03-19-2009 17:49 }
hey you can jump n shout for me any time lol just a great listen loved it thanks heaps for the sweet comment 555s for sure love jay xoxoxo
PARKFIELD -formerly Open Range
{ 03-18-2009 21:43 }
Nice music, really cool.... Rebecca Davis of PARKFIELD
Bob Hall
Bob Hall says:
{ 03-03-2009 08:07 }
I really like "Torn" 5's from me.
jay says:
{ 02-28-2009 01:41 }
hey just great you sound excellent its nice to meet you love jay
Lisa Goodale
{ 02-27-2009 12:04 }
Hi Fellow South Carolinans, I enjoyed your profile, good job! 5 for you both have blessed day!
Southern Girl!
{ 02-19-2009 17:36 }
Hey guys! Great job!!! Glad I stopped by~~
Brushwood says:
{ 02-08-2009 22:40 }
Really enjoyed my visit! Keep on rockin'! Gave ya a 5!
The Council
{ 02-08-2009 09:17 }
Wonderful, just the two of ya,s, wow, keep up the great work/peace and fives from us/ chaz & the council/v5
Ron Ouellette
{ 02-07-2009 10:14 }
Great sound 5 any time.
TomTatum says:
{ 02-05-2009 02:41 }
Vote #5 is from me for your fun rock-n-roll sound. Very enjoyable!
Mike Melton
{ 02-04-2009 23:11 }
I like what ya doing!A rocking big old five from your neighbor up the road!Maybe we'll cross paths sometime!
Huhu says:
{ 02-04-2009 22:57 }
Yo just stoppin by to say that your music is tight, so keep up the good work and yea of course we had to drop a 5 for ya. Check us out to and if you like it than leave a comment alight much love peace.
James W Barnhart
{ 02-04-2009 18:01 }
You guys are good. In tune, good music skills.
The King
{ 02-04-2009 10:10 }
I like what I hear, good old rock and roll and singin the blues, sounds great, deserves 5! God bless