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Donald Miclette


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  1. Shots Fired
  2. Whats The World Coming To-Master__Mix-D.M..mp3
  3. Whiskey Beer and Me
I have been writing songs since I was in my teens. I wrote a song while I was in Desert Shield/Desert Storm. I am a Gulf War Veteran and I have PTSD among other issues and song writing helps me out some. I am married to a beautiful woman Darla who has stood by my side through all the good and the bad times. This song was written about the current times and how the police are being shot and kids are shooting each other for no reason. The words are very heartfelt and the message needs to be spread . I am trying to find a professional band to take it to the top , so if anyone can help with that I am open for suggestions.
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Donald Miclette
{ 07-09-2017 18:44 }
Donald Miclette
{ 06-20-2017 19:28 }
Folks this is my newest song "Shots Fired" Please comment on if you enjoy this or not..
Donald Miclette
{ 03-30-2017 00:18 }
Fathers and Mothers of The World There is TOO much Violence in the World Today. Let's Do Our Part to Protect Our Kids and Officers after all "What's The World Coming To "?
cassandra wallace
{ 03-24-2017 08:25 }
Exceptional talent vocal a wonderful gift enjoyed your showcase I love your song of true meaning message one more thing thanks for serving our country sharing Gods love you wishing you always the best Cassandra vote 5555