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Atlanta, GA [Christian, Rap, HipHop]

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full armour
  1. grace
  2. bless it be the lord
  3. faith
  4. stand by me
This hardcore christian rap artist was born and raise in the streets of Atlanta Ga where he feel in love with hip hop and its culture.He began spiting freestyles on the block and writing unorthodox lyrics to various beats.More so as he began to wax old in his teenage years he began living a life of crime glorifying the hard core rap artist and its genre.Until one day his life took a dramatic turn for the worst so he thought. Marcus a.k.a 4daloveofgod lost all he had his kids,grandma,friends,house,job,and his fiancee fell in a coma.As he began to witness what seem to be the end of his life he fell to the floor and began to call a upon the name of Jesus and plead for mercy.That very same day Marcus was delivered and saved and covered in the blood of Jesus he was freed from the bondage of sin and made a new creature. He vowed to yous the ministry of hip hop to witness to the youth in hopes of winning souls for Christ and to the kingdom of heaven. To god be the Glory amen![][/color]
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CMG (Caleb Music Group)
{ 01-10-2017 22:39 }
Wow, would love to speak to you about Management! (813) 495-9803
CMG (Caleb Music Group)
{ 05-17-2016 22:43 }
Wow! Want to speak to you about Management. (813) 495-9803
T-SLAY says:
{ 05-11-2016 15:30 }
Nice video but even more than that your lyrics are powerful and inspiring with the anointing of the holy spirit and I can tell you read your word you spit spiritual meat...God bless you brother...Amen!!!
{ 04-17-2016 16:57 }
please show sum love on my page thanks
Bruce Riley
{ 04-10-2016 01:13 }
I going give a 5 to get your meaning out. Keep doing what your doing. Stay strong when folks say why not play church music. Deal with it all the time. Good Message for reforming self! Been there!
{ 03-19-2016 16:00 }
This is the day that the lord has made let us be glad and rejoice in it for he is worthy to be praised glory to god hallelujah !!!!!!!!!!